SEO is About Optimizing for the User Experience

I wanted to share article by SearchMetrics, one of the leaders in organic traffic. This article caught my eye because it does a good job of explaining why I started MarketMuse.

SearchMetrics argues that search engine optimization might need rebranding, because unfortunately SEO has a bit of a bad name. To some, SEO connotes superficial gaming to appeal to search engines, whereas the goal should be about offering the best experience for users. People, not search engines, buy products.  So, SEO should be about Search Experience Optimization, which has to walk the line between appealing to search engines and offering a superior experience for users in order to convert them into paying customers.

According the SearchMetrics, the 4 tenets of Search Experience Optimization are

  1. Topical Research based on User Intent
  2. Site Design supports user experience
  3. Content that supplies exceptional value
  4. Optimize content for users and search engines

I totally agree with these tenets — and the purpose of MarketMuse is to help content creators with #1, #3, and #4. The only thing I’d challenge is that search engines already do a good job at understanding what people want and delivering it to them — and are getting better every day. So the line of appealing to both search engines and users is very thin and is quickly becoming one in the same.

Do you agree? Read the post Search Experience Optimization: Is It Time to Rebrand SEO? and let me know your thoughts.

Written by Aki Balogh


Sara Solano (@sarapensolano)

You’re spot on that Google is “already” doing a great job. It has to, it’s the second most highly valued co in the usa after Apple! What so many people forget is just 10 years ago the “search engine spammers” made millions from ranking on Google. Actually, I remember even 2007 there were tons of spammy results in SERP.

So, Google got a bit “heavy handed” in their penalties, but they also did a great job weeding out the bad sites. SEO walks a fine line between “just do good” and “just do good in the eyes of Google.” Your tool allows both! “Good” is subjective. Your aunt Jill will not judge “good content” the same way as Google.


Thank you, Sara. We’ve focused on building a tool that brings together the worlds of content marketing and SEO, and makes it easy for anyone to use. As you’ve pointed out, our tools improve general leadership in addition to search metrics. We appreciate your positive feedback!


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