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5 Customer Loyalty Tips You Can Implement Today 

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Customer retention is a critical metric for the long-term success of any business. It’s achieved through the nurturing of customer loyalty.

There are many effective approaches to increasing that commitment without resorting to a customer loyalty program. That’s good news for budget-minded organizations, as those programs often require significant investments of time and money.

In this article, we offer five customer loyalty tips that you can implement quickly with minimal investment.

Create Content That Provides Value

To create a loyal customer that makes repeat purchases, you need to give them a reason to visit your website time and time again. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by publishing high-quality, informative content that connects with your audience. It’s part of creating an enjoyable customer experience.

One way you can come up with content ideas is by encouraging customer feedback. If you can answer common inquiries with your content, not only will you save your customer service team time, but your customers will feel understood as you anticipate their needs.

Let’s look at a few examples of businesses who have created valuable, informative content to provide you with some inspiration.

MyCanadaPayday, a financial services company, offers their users informative content through their blog.

For instance, they have an article on how to protect your digital privacy. This provides a lot of value for their audience and customers, because we all store a lot of our financial information online these days. Therefore, people who are interested in MyCanadaPayday’s financial services are also likely to take an interest in this information.

By showing that they care about their customers’ privacy and other pain points, the company is likely to earn their customers’ loyalty. This is something you can replicate for your business by creating the right content.

Similarly, Bookyourdata, a direct marketing company, offers their website visitors valuable advice in their guide to identifying your target market.

Because one of the company’s specialties is email marketing, potential and current customers will be very interested in this type of information. If they’re struggling to figure out who they need to reach, this informative article will provide them with all of the steps they need to take.

By publishing this content on their website, have been able to show off their expertise, provide value for their customers, and give them a reason to stay loyal to the company.

Lastly, Service Provide Pro is a company that specializes in helping other businesses to manage their orders with an effective client portal. And, they’ve shown that they want the best for their clients by publishing a guide to productized service business success.

They note that they’ve been able to determine what makes a company using their services successful and what makes others go out of business. If one of their clients is using the service and struggling, reading this article can help get them back on track. Therefore, it can really help to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Could you create content that will help an existing customer achieve their goals? Doing so could help you retain more of your audience.

Connect With Customers by Showing Them Behind the Scenes

You can help your customers feel a deeper connection with your company by showing them the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. This can increase the chances of them shopping with you again!

There are a lot of different ways that you can showcase the behind-the-scenes of your business. You can show the thought process behind certain business decisions, show the day-to-day workings of your company, spotlight your employees, or show sneak peeks of your products before they go on sale.

To help your customers feel more connected to your business through your behind-the-scenes content, inject your personality into it, too! You can do this by incorporating your brand logo and colors, showing off your sense of humor, or having stand-out speakers presenting your content.

Help Customers Make Informed Purchases

One of the ways you can ensure that your customers enjoy shopping with your business is by ensuring that they make an informed purchase that they’re happy with. Comprehensive content that helps them make decisions is great for this!

Whether it’s a new customer or an existing one, help them make informed purchases by:

  • Facilitating customer feedback
  • Addressing their questions
  • Creating buying guides and comparison content
  • Publishing case studies
  • Providing product demonstrations

Let’s look at some examples of companies that do a great job of helping their customers make informed purchase

If you have a service-based business, create case studies that show your commitment to customer satisfaction and success. It builds confidence and helps prospects see their aspirations becoming reality.

Optinmonster does this with their case study series. For instance, they have a case study about their work with PortraitFlip, which shows how they helped the company to turn their mobile traffic into leads. Showing that OptinMonster is successful at what they do helps in building customer loyalty and expanding their customer base. This is a tactic you could also use on your website to reap the same rewards.

Alternatively, if you run a product-based business, consider using a product demonstration to help your customers make an informed decision.

This will help ensure that your customers will be happy with your products, therefore increasing customer loyalty. Nespresso, a coffee maker brand, has an excellent product demonstration that shows how their CITIZ&MILK machine works. Showing all the features in a short video helps the customer determine if this product has all the features they want – and, helping them make a decision like this will increase brand loyalty.

Buying guides and comparison pieces can help customers make informed decisions, as well. These types of content compare the features, pros, and cons of a certain type of product to help a customer decide which one is going to be best for them.

InVPN is a website that specializes in helping people to choose the best VPN to suit their online activities. So, they have a comparison piece that outlines the similarities and differences of NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

They cover when a person would want to use each one for privacy, streaming, gaming, and more. Because this guide is so thorough, it can help InVPN to earn their readers’ loyalty – people who read this article will discover that InVPN is a trusted, expert resource that really understands VPNs and privacy software.

Similarly, Best Value School is a website that helps prospective students to choose the next step in their education. And, they have a resource that compares and contrasts all of the best MBA programs currently available.

People interested in this type of content include prospective students, parents, teachers, and counselors. And, if someone takes a lot of helpful information away from this article, they’ll be very likely to recommend the website to someone else or might even return when they next need to choose a course. That’s why content like this is so great for earning your customers’ loyalty, so it’s worth considering creating in-depth buying guides and comparison pieces for your own site.

Always Provide the Best Customer Service Possible

Service should be an integral part of any customer retention strategy. That starts with paying special attention to customer engagement. Make it ridiculously easy for anyone to get in touch if they have questions, concerns, or complaints. Keep in mind that people like to communicate in different ways. To cater to as much of your audience as possible, offer multiple communication channels.

Older audiences shy away from social media channels, gravitating towards traditional forms of communication, like email or phone services. On the other hand, younger audience members tend to prefer social media comments and direct messages as well as live chat services to get in touch. Don’t spread yourself out too thin, but be sure that you’re catering to your audience correctly.

Provide Existing Clients With Incentives to Return

One of the most effective ways to encourage people to make a repeat purchase is by offering them a discount. You can tie discounts to events like a customer’s birthday, offer coupon codes to attract them back to their abandoned cart items, or just send them surprise discounts if they haven’t visited your website for a while.

One way you can do this is by emailing existing customers. If you put the discount in your subject line, your customers will be more likely to open the email, and thus more likely to return to your website. You can also use social media ads to offer new discounts. Customers will be pleasantly surprised to see a discount while they’re scrolling through their feeds, and will want to visit your website.


Boosting your customers’ loyalty should be one of your main marketing efforts. This article provides some basic ways of achieving this, but there’s always more you can do. Consider creating a referral program, developing brand ambassadors, or even a loyalty program, if budget permits.

Alex Ratynski is a Content Strategist at Loganix, an SEO fulfillment partner that works with agencies and marketers. The company focuses on helping businesses to improve their online visibility, so they can grow and reach their goals. If you enjoyed this article, visit the Loganix blog for more expert advice.

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