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Upcoming Webinar April 23, 2020

How can AI support an innovative SEO content strategy?

After an initial review of MarketMuse and publishing a test piece of content, Lionbridge recognized the power in MarketMuse. Based on these findings, they decided to go all-in. Next came the process of adopting the suite into their ‘hub and spoke’ content strategy.

Join us in conversation with Lisa Deignan to learn about Lionbridge’s success in implementing MarketMuse.

Gain insight into:

  • How the combination of MarketMuse and highly-skilled Lionbridge resources leads to winning content
  • How Lionbridge uses manual processes in the absence of MarketMuse non-English capability
  • How Lionbridge trained their SEO and content team to use MarketMuse
  • Setting up Marketmuse to cope with the COVID-19 crisis

Upcoming Webinar April 8, 2020

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Find strategic shortcuts to impressive growth.

Getting 10x marketing results requires a mindset shift. You can’t expect extraordinary results from copying everyone else.

Garrett Moon, CEO and Co-Founder of CoSchedule, joins our webinar on April 8th to discuss how to move away from copycat marketing and learn the blueprint for creating ‘competition-free content’ that stands out and gets results.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to think like a startup.
  • Getting started with content hacking.
  • What is the 10x marketing formula.
  • How to create content so good it renders competition irrelevant.
  • How to find your content core.

Webinar Recordings

Missed one of our monthly live webinars? No problem! Here’s a list of on-demand video recordings of past webinars from industry experts. Everything you need to help with your content marketing strategy.

Bring New Life to Old Content
Keys to a Winning Content Strategy for Healthcare CompaniesSales and Marketing AlignmentCrafting Content for the Customer Journey
Research, Data & Content: How to Build & Expand Your BrandCustomizing Your Content Workflow for Maximum EfficiencyHow Natural Language Processing Helps You Create Better Content
Best Practices for Conducting a Content AuditHow to Predict Content Performance and ShareabilityBuilding and Managing a Team of Freelance Writers
How Experts Interpret & React to Google Algorithm Updates & SERP Feature ChangesB2B Marketing & Sales: From Content to ConversationHow to Build Serious Google Authority
Technology and Data that Fuels High-Quality ContentHow to Bring Agile Marketing to Your Content StrategyManaging Your End-To-End Content Strategy
How an Agency Can Help You Scale Your Content ProductionHow to Create In-Depth Content for Better Ranking and Happier CustomersUsing Keyword Resources to Identify and Prioritize Content Opportunities
The Modern Content Marketer’s Tech StackHow User Intent Changes the SEO & Content GameWhat I learned from Overseeing Large Semantic SEO Data Studies

Bring New Life to Old Content

Know when to optimize and know when to create.

No matter the scale of your content production, updating old content is time-consuming. The key is identifying which content presents a higher opportunity to make an impact. Sometimes those high-impact opportunities can surprise you.

Join us for a webinar with Bjork Ostrom, co-founder of Food Blogger Pro, to learn how his team brought new life to old content.

Gain insight into:

  • How they identified and prioritized content to update
  • How they identified when to create new content vs optimize old content
  • Results from their content strategy plan

Keys to a Winning Content Strategy for Healthcare Companies

Create effective content and become a thought leader in the healthcare space.

You can’t predict algorithm changes or the impact they’ll have on your content, whether positive or negative. But you can build a strong foundation through a comprehensive content plan.

Join this webinar with guest speaker Mike Sweeney, CEO of Right Source Marketing, as we dive deep into how the healthcare industry can turn content into an advantage.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build comprehensive, high-quality content that’ll position you as a thought leader in the healthcare industry and in search.
  • The right metrics to rely on to drive your content strategy.
  • Misunderstandings about the repurposing of content.
  • How to squeeze the most out of your content marketing investment.

What I Learned From Teaching Python to Marketers and SEOs

Leverage content tools to overcome your challenges and grow your brand.

Our goal as marketers is to help our company to be the trusted choice time and again. But how do you get there with a limited budget and a small team?

Hamlet Batista, CEO of Ranksense, joins our webinar on February 27th to talk about how he 10x’d his following and became a sought out speaker in less than a year (including Hubspot’s Inbound).

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The role content plays in building a following.
  • The keys to building an engaged audience.
  • Takeaways to apply to your own brand.
  • Benefits of learning Python for your content strategy.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Connect the dots between sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing, in practice, can seem like they’re at odds, with different goals and priorities. In the past, the differences were manageable because these two groups didn’t overlap very much. As boundaries between different functions evolve and merge through technology integration, marketing’s role can be expanded to:

  • Identify digital marketing elements that can be part of the sales discussion
  • Brainstorm specific marketing programs that can aid sales negotiations
  • Integrate sales and marketing tools through account-based marketing

Pam Didner, B2B marketing consultant, author of Effective Sales Enablement, would like to share with you what you can do to support your sales team better as a marketer.

Crafting Content for The Customer Journey

Creating a content strategy that goes beyond top-of-funnel content.

Smart marketers realize that getting visitors to a site is only half the battle. Arguably more important is what you do when they arrive. Stop taking a piece-meal approach with generic top-of-the-funnel content. Instead, use a strategy that maps content to where visitors are in their journey, offering personalized experiences that takes their situation into account.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Austin Distel, CMO at Proof, as he discusses how to create personalized content experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Research, Data & Content: How to Build & Expand Your Brand

Your data is only as good as what you do with it.

Need to ignite a new audience? Or launch a new brand? Doing proper research and obtaining the right data are crucial starting points.

Marketing ROI is a result of a multitude of factors that need to be layered into your content strategy. Synthesizing data is certainly at the top of this list, but it all comes down to what you do with it. Simply put, good data is actionable data.

Join us on October 30th to hear how Allen Martinez, Chief Creative Brand Strategist of Noble Digital, analyzes and assesses data to extract human insights and identify untapped audiences.

Using a real-world example, we’ll walk through the process of how to develop a new brand, new product launch, or new campaign. Plus, get tips for driving continuous results by testing and refining across the campaign lifecycle.

How Natural Language Processing Helps You Create Better Content

Detailed content analysis is no longer humanly possible.

Effective content strategy needs more than just keyword research and rank tracking. A single page can rank for hundreds of different search terms making detailed analysis humanly impossible. It’s not realistic to manually analyze your content and the competition for topical gaps and coverage opportunities. And if you do, by the time it’s complete, it will be outdated.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a form of AI that analyzes and interprets massive amounts of human language.

Watch this free webinar featuring Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Science, to get a crash course on how natural language processing changes the way you plan and create content.

Customizing Your Content Workflow for Maximum Efficiency

Great execution brings maximum engagement.

A great plan poorly implemented is worse than a poor plan executed well. Delays and push-back are unavoidable and now amount of planning will avoid the inevitable. However, there are ways to minimize the impact by reducing friction and increasing operating efficiency.

Watch this webinar recording with Rob Mills, Head of Content for GatherContent, and discover how to remove the common pitfalls in producing content. Improve your entire team’s efficiency, no matter the size of your group or the complexity of activity.

How to Predict Content Performance and Shareability

Stop guessing!

Forget publish and pray. Regardless of how much you publish, that attitude won’t help you achieve your content goals. Instead, you should use data to inform the material, the right imagery to reinforce the message, and the correct promotional strategy to get your content seen. But how do you predict the result?

This webinar presentation with Brennan White, co-founder of Cortex, reveals how AI is changing the way content gets published. Discover how technology helps craft better content and predicts your audience’s reaction.

Best Practices for Conducting a Content Audit

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual chores.

Content marketers frequently publish content for the wrong audience that lacks sufficient SEO benefits. Even worse is that these people don’t even realize it’s happening.

In this webinar recording, Rob Mills of GatherContent and Jeff Coyle of MarketMuse walk through a simple process for conducting a content inventory and content audit. This approach enables you to identify the right content to create and the most important content to update. Set yourself up to show immediate ROI and get the most out of your content.

How Experts Interpret and React to Google Algorithm Updates and SERP Feature Changes

Don’t fret every time there’s a Google update.

Many marketing, content and SEO teams get overly stressed any time Google announces an update to their search engine algorithms. Whether it affects a specific market or the broader community, these updates aren’t to be taken lightly. That’s why getting content right is so important. But how do you quickly understand what the changes mean for your site in particular?

Join two experts, Andy Crestodina (Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media Solutions) and Jeff Coyle (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer) in a discussion on interpreting changes to search engine algorithms.

Building and Managing a Team of Freelance Writers

Why you should outsource content creation.

Choosing whether to create a team of in-house writers or hire freelance is not an easy decision to make. Flaws in hiring, training, and content creation become readily apparent. Those defects can make it difficult to achieve your performance goals.

How do you control your brand voice? How do you ensure writers provide added value without adding extra work? How do you find writer knowledgeable about your topic area?

In this free webinar you will discover the benefits of outsourcing content creation. Watch and learn how to structure and hire a high-performing team of freelance writers.

How to Build Serious Google Authority

Content is too precious to waste.

Content marketers frequently publish the wrong content for the wrong audience, without any SEO benefit. Even worse – many of them don’t even realize this is happening.

In this webinar presentation Stephan Spencer, a long time SEO author, blogger and speaker, offers five practical techniques on building serious Google authority.

B2B Marketing & Sales: From Content to Conversation

Good content encourages sales conversations.

In complex world of B2B sales, content can educate and engage an audience on a topic they care about and eventually lead to a sales conversation. Content that doesn’t create a meaningful dialogue misses the mark.

In this webinar, Bob Apollo, founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, discusses the impact of content on the sales process. He examines how content is only as good as the sales conversation it stimulates.

How to Bring Agile Marketing to Your Content Strategy

The majority of traditional marketers plan to go Agile within 12 months.

According to the 1st Annual State of Agile Marketing survey, 61% of traditional marketers plan to go Agile over the next year. But what does it mean to be Agile?

This term, borrowed from software development methodology, isn’t just for code jockeys. There are numerous benefits for marketers too. Content teams everywhere want to be able to pivot quickly, gain better project visibility, and produce work of higher quality.

Collaborative, data-driven, and experimental teams that are focused on learning and delivering value are off to a good start. But there’s so much more to accomplish with Agile content marketing.

In this presentation, Andrea Fryrear, President of AgileSherpas, show how to introduce this methodology to your team. Andrea share how Agile helped her team publish 300 pieces of content in a single year.

Technology and Data that Fuels High-Quality Content

Content strategy technology Q&A.

It takes thoughtful research and analysis to create engaging and impactful content. But synthesizing deep insights from social media, keyword research, and competitive analysis is difficult. Turning that into a clear plan is even more challenging.

Join the conversation with Nate Broughton from Growth Partner to discover the data he uses to fuel content briefs and plans at scale.

How an Agency Can Help You Scale Your Content Production

Scale content creation and accelerate ROI.

You’ve nailed your company’s tone and voice, identified your target audience, clarified your differentiation and created a content plan that is comprehensive. Now you find out it will take more resources than available to execute that plan within the desired timeframe .

Join our webinar with Gregg Anderson, Co-Founder and CEO of 41 Orange, in a discussion about various ways agencies can help the content production process.

Managing Your End-To-End Content Strategy

Search + Brand Voice = Incredibly Powerful Content.

Why is it that workflow complexity increases as an organization scales its content creation? More writers means added voices contributing to content and additional research to understand how to rank.

Unfortunately in this situation prioritization is often uninformed. Consequently the time required to produce a piece of content that is on brand and optimized for search is too much.

Acrolinx and MarketMuse recently joined forces to help organizations create high-quality content that follows brand guidelines and performs in organic search – every time.

Using Keyword Resources to Identify and Prioritize Content Opportunities

Sometimes it’s about what not to write.

So many people get easily distracted by keyword research. A lot of time is wasted writing content that won’t rank due to the amount of competition and its authority.

To play at that level you need authority. To get it, you have to craft comprehensive content that covers your topic as a whole.

In this webinar, Ewen Finser, Founder of Venture 4th Media and Partner at Owl Mountain Capital, discusses how to identify and prioritize content opportunities so you can get found.

How to Create In-Depth Content for Better Ranking and Happier Customers

Writing for search engines and people too.

Content strategy is part art and part science. Crafting great content isn’t solely about getting rankings. It’s also about serving your customers. Answer their questions in a comprehensive and thoughtful way to build readership trust and gain topical authority.

View this webinar featuring Jeff Baker, Director of Marketing at Brafton, to learn the content strategy changes they made to propel them to page one (hint: it had nothing to do with back linking, keyword stuffing, or rewriting metadata).

How User Intent Changes the SEO & Content Game

Prioritize user intent to grow traffic.

SEO tricks like keyword optimization will only get you so far. Even high-quality content isn’t enough these days. To do well in search, you need relevant content that address the intention of the searcher.

Discover how Kevin Indig, SEO Lead at Atlassian applies a user-centric approach to your content strategy. Prioritizing user intent will grow traffic, increase your website’s relevance to related search terms, enhance user experience and improve the buying journey.

The Modern Content Marketer’s Tech Stack

What content marketing tools should you invest in?

Marketing technology options continue to increase every year at a healthy rate. When Scott Brinker first created his supergraphic in 2011 there were 150 logos. Now there are over 7,000! Even breaking it down into top 10 lists of various segments still leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

Watch this webinar for an insider’s look into a day-in-the-life of an agency and SaaS content marketing tech stack.

What I learned from Overseeing Large Semantic SEO Data Studies for Neil Patel and Brian Dean

Search engines are about semantic relationships.

What factors contribute most to ranking position? You can’t influence all of them, but there are some that will help you move the needle. We have the data to prove it.

In this webinar, Eric van Buskirk talks about two studies (an analysis of 9.93 million words and an analysis of 1 million Google search results) he conducted around what affects search ranking. In this tell-all, he discusses his research, discoveries, and how you can leverage it in your own content strategy.