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User Intent, Content Mapping, and Stakeholder Management and its Impact on Revenue

Yasmin Davila | Head of Content Marketing, Two Octobers

Red ocean strategy means competing for existing marketing space. Blue ocean strategy means carving your own new market space, one that is vast and full of potential. How do you apply this business concept to your content strategy?

The answer: With data.

Data can be used to inform, but it can also be used strategically to increase your “content moat.” You can punch yourself in the face with data, or it can be used to strategically determine the right content topic or channel to leverage. Data can unearth insights that’ll allow your content to go where no competitor has gone before.

Join Two October’s Head of Content Yasmin Davila and host Jeff Coyle to learn how to use data to distinguish yourself from your peers, no matter your industry.

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User Intent, Content Mapping, and Stakeholder Management and its Impact on Revenue

Garrett Sussman | Demand Generation Manager, iPullRank

Alexandra Pielusko | Director of Content Strategy, iPullRank

Content mapping is an important tool for marketing, product, sales, and other stakeholders to visualize and understand the customer journey. But, oftentimes, when SEOs strategize with the goal of funneling leads through the pipeline, they move in the perspective of Google favored intent.

Join iPullRank’s Director of Content Strategy Alexandra Pielusko, Demand Generation Manager Garrett Sussman, and MarketMuse Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, and host Jeff Coyle as they uncover the intricacies of user intent and content strategies to satisfy all stakeholders.

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The Intersection of Content Marketing and Sales Enablement

Charles Warnock | Director, Content Marketing Factory

Bryan Ehrenfreund | Global Head, Sales & Marketing, Ossia

There’s a lot of talk about how the buyer’s journey has changed over time and has become more complex. There’s no doubt that the availability of data and predictive capabilities has transformed the way we interact with our audience.

Join Content Marketing Factory’s Charles Warnock, Ossia’s Bryan Ehrenfreund, and host Jeff Coyle to dig into the intersection of content marketing and sales enablement.

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How to Value, Acquire, and Grow Content Sites

Ken Roberts | Founder, Micro Exit

There are multiple reasons why you might want to buy a content site. Whether you are looking for a profitable investment, or are passionate about a certain topic or cause, or simply want the challenge of making a site successful, there’s a lot of factors to consider and questions to answer before taking the pricey plunge.

Microexit Founder Ken Roberts and host, MarketMuse Co-Founder and CSO Jeff Coyle examine how to properly assess, valuate, and grow a content site to success.

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How to Scale Content Output by 10x

Rick Leach | Content Director, Crowd Content

The thought of scaling your content process can be daunting. You have marketing KPIs and larger business goals you need to reach, but how are you going to get there while still churning out effective content?

Crowd Content Content Director Rick Leach and MarketMuse Co-Founder, CSO, and host Jeff Coyle discuss what it takes to scale a content program and the key stakeholders, strategies, and tools and services that will get you there with ease.

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The AI Must-Haves for Content Marketing

Mike Kaput | Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute

Incorporating AI into your content process doesn’t have to be a major lift. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. AI has proven to save time and increase efficiency, giving you a competitive edge and the capacity to elevate your customer’s experiences.

In this fireside content chat with Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute, look at how AI is transforming content marketing today and how to incorporate it into your workflows.

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Discover Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for the Entire Customer Journey

Russell Wojcik | Content Manager, Mouseflow

As marketers, one of our ultimate goals is to move as many people down the funnel, from discovery to loyalty and everything in between.

Consequently, there are numerous points along the funnel where you can be optimizing your content and tools for maximum conversion downfunnel. How do you discover such tactics and prioritize which would be the most impactful for your CRO?

MarketMuse Co-Founder and CSO Jeff Coyle and Mouseflow Content Manager Russell Wojcik dive into little known CRO strategies that’ll make a big impact for your customer’s purchasing journey.

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Real-World Digital Marketing Secrets

Eric Schwartzman | Digital Marketing Consultant

It’s not easy being a marketer today. There are more channels, more business functions, and more transformation needs than ever before. How can you get everything done at a high-performance rate and scale your business at the same time?

Eric Schwartzman, digital marketing consultant, bestselling author and entrepreneur, reveals real-world stories about meaningful changes marketing teams have put in place to become high-performing and competitive.

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How to Predict Your Content’s ROI and Impact On Revenue

Francis Brero | Co-Founder and CRO, MadKudu

Content marketing is an investment. You invest your time to tell the story, to plan and create your content, to get that content in front of the ideal audience to build trust, and to nurture your customers. One common challenge: determining the ROI. How do you appropriately measure — and predict — the ROI of the content and the revenue it could generate for your business?

Francis Brero, Co-Founder and CRO of MadKudu, discusses the intersections of content ROI and predictive revenue with MarketMuse Co-Founder, Jeff Coyle.

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7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

John Jantsch | Founder & President, Duct Tape Marketing

A marketer’s goal is to get people with a specific need or problem to find, trust, purchase and evangelize your product. But when you’re a small business with limited resources or building a marketing organization from the ground up, it can feel like an uphill battle.

Best-selling author John Jantsch shows the 7 steps to small business marketing success – a framework for building a marketing system and marketing action plan. This universal step-by-step approach can be applied to any size business, start-up or move-up, in any industry. 

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How to Effectively Connect Your Content to Fulfill the User Journey

Duane Forrester | VP of Industry Insights, Yext

Marketers need to think of content as the answer to a question. But that question changes quickly as a user moves through the buying journey.

Let’s say a user lands on your “what is” blog post from a search query. Are you linking to other content in your cluster? Are you accidentally telling search engines another site is the expert on the topic? Your link choices carry weight from an authority perspective as well as the buying journey. How do you satisfy both?

Duane Forrester, VP of Industry Insights at Yext, breaks down the user journey in a whole new way.

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Financial Services SEO: Deep Dive into an Effective Content Strategy

Garit Boothe | FinTech SEO and Content Marketing Consultant

Are you getting the most out of your digital events, or are you doing all that work j

Financial services content is highly regulated and contains critical information for users to make important life decisions — but there’s also a lot of room to create exciting, strategic content to gain a competitive edge.

Garit Boothe, founder of GB Digital and experienced financial technology SEO manager, talks with Jeff Coyle about the nuances of building an effective content strategy within financial services.

Finance is an expensive niche to do content outreach in. Leveraging Garit’s tips will help your content rank faster with fewer backlinks.

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How to Enhance Your Digital Events with Exceptional Content

Michelle Blondin | Director of Demand Generation, ON24

Are you getting the most out of your digital events, or are you doing all that work just so they can end up at the bottom of some “Archive” page? Most marketers have their bases covered with the event itself, but few have truly maximized their digital events with pre- and post-event content. That’s why we enlisted digital event experts from virtual event platform ON24 to walk us through how you can better align digital event content with your overall content strategy. You’ll learn how to ensure your digital events keep generating results from you, months and even years after you hold them.

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How to (and Why You Should) Optimize Your Brand SERP

Jason Barnard | Digital Marketing Consultant, Kalicube

Join us in conversation with with Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP guy, for a lively discussion about taking control of your brand SERP. Learn how to develop a content strategy that gives you the power over your SERP.

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Using Content to Grow Your Community

Ben Aston | Founder, Black + White Zebra

In this session with MarketMuse’s Jeff Coyle, guest Ben Aston reveals how content and communities can go hand-in-hand. Discover the types of content that can draw high-value community members.

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Scaling Content in 2021: How to Do More With Less

Brock Stechman | Co-Founder, DivvyHQ

Brody Dorland | Co-Founder, DivvyHQ

Chasing one keyword won’t drive the impact you need from your content. Learn how to create the volume of content required to own a topic with Brody Dorland and Brock Stechman, co-founders of DivvyHQ.

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How to Go From Keywords to Content

Nick Eubanks | Chief Strategy Officer, From The Future

Building a large spreadsheet out of keyword research won’t help you tell a narrative. The key is to identify semantic relationships with the core topic to help you build authority. Discover how with Nick Eubanks, Chief Strategy Officer at From the Future.

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How to Build an Effective Local SEO Strategy

Nick Eubanks | Chief Strategy Officer, From The Future

Building a large spreadsheet out of keyword research won’t help you tell a narrative. The key is to identify semantic relationships with the core topic to help you build authority. Discover how with Adam Steele, Founder & CCO at Loganix.

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How to Crush SEO Content Without Being a Copycat

Eli Schwartz | Growth Advisor & SEO Strategic Consultant

Differentiate yourself to win with your SEO fortress. Eli Schwartz, Growth Consultant, reveals how to go about developing an SEO strategy that is uniquely yours and will drive defensible growth.

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How to Drive Organic Impact With Press Content

Kris Ruby | Founder & CEO, Ruby Media Group

Don’t miss this public relations and content marketing masterclass. Join public relations maven Kris Ruby, CEO of New York-based PR Agency Ruby Media Group, for a webinar on how to maximize the impact of your press coverage.

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How to Ensure Long-Term Search Success

Adam Chronister | Founder, Enleaf

Join this webinar with Adam Chronister, Founder of Enleaf, to understand how to build a solid website foundation and a long-term strategy.

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How to Predict & Measure Content Effectiveness

Colleen Jones | Founder, Content Science

Colleen Jones, founder of Content Science, reveals how to ensure content remains effective across search engines, your customers, and your business goals.

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Maximizing Your Content’s Mileage

Kate Adams | VP of Marketing, Drift

Everything you need to know about repurposing content. Kate Adams, VP of Marketing at Drift, shows viewers how they can give their audience the content they want in the medium that they want it.

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How to Empower Sales With Content

Bernie Borges | CMO, Vengreso

Corey McCarthy | CMO, Socio

Discover how to use content to create conversations. Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso, and Corey McCarthy, Chief Marketing Officer of Socio, provide insight on six ways to create and distribute content to build a sales pipeline.

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Website Migrations, What to Do and What to Avoid

Billy Watts | SEO Manager, CallRail

How to approach website changes with confidence. Bill Watts, SEO manager for CallRail, shows participants how to approach a website migration, based on his 12 years of technical SEO experience and participation in hundreds of migrations.

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How to Use NLP in Content Marketing

Chris Penn | Co-Founder, Trust Insights

Discover how natural language processing can enhance your content. Chris Penn, recognized thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker on marketing and artificial intelligence, joins us to dive deep into how natural language processing (NLP) really works.

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The Business Case for AI for Marketing

Paul Roetzer | Founder & CEO, PR 20/20

It’s not a matter of whether or not you need AI. Join this webinar with Paul Roetzer, founder of PR 20/20 and creator of Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, to understand what AI is and its capabilities in marketing. Discover the primary use cases for AI in marketing and what to look for in marketing technology.

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How to Make Your Digital Authority Authentic

Amy Aitman | COO, Venture 4th Media

Discover the 5 key elements to building real digital authority. Listen in with guest Amy Aitman, COO of Center Keel Media and Venture 4th Media, to learn how to build an authentic digital authority. Discover how to properly structure a site, correctly implement pillar pages and topic clusters, maximize the use of internal links, and stop relying on backlinks for success.

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Understanding the Data Behind Your Content Strategy

Jill Nicholson | CMO, Chartbeat

Equip your content strategy with actionable metrics. Join guest Jill Nicholson, Senior Director of Customer Education at Chartbeat, as she teaches us everything to know about the data behind your content’s traffic and engagement. Learn how to build an engagement strategy, determine who is and isn’t engaging, and how to increase engagement.

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Adapting Content Intelligence in the Wake of COVID-19

Lisa Deignan | Global SEO Content Strategist, Lionbridge

How can AI support an innovative SEO content strategy? Join us in conversation with Lionbridge’s Lisa Deignan to learn best practices in implementing MarketMuse for circumstances like COVID-19. Gain insight into how the combination of MarketMuse and highly-skilled Lionbridge resources leads to winning content, and how they set up MarketMuse to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

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10X Marketing Formula

Garrett Moon | Co-Founder & CEO, CoSchedule

Find strategic shortcuts to impressive growth. Garrett Moon, CEO and Co-Founder of CoSchedule, joins our webinar to discuss how to move away from copycat marketing and learn the blueprint for creating ‘competition-free content’ that stands out and gets results. Discover the 10x formula and to how to create content so good it renders competition irrelevant.

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Bring New Life to Old Content

Bjork Ostrom | Co-Founder, Food Blogger Pro

Know when to optimize and know when to create. In this webinar with Bjork Ostrom, co-founder of Food Blogger Pro, discover how his team brings new life to old content. Learn how they identify and prioritize content to update, when to create new content instead, and the results from their content strategy plan.

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Content Strategy for Healthcare Companies

Mike Sweeney | CEO, Right Source Marketing

Creating thought leadership in the healthcare space. Mike Sweeney, CEO of Right Source Marketing, dives deep into how the healthcare industry can turn content into an advantage. Learn how to build comprehensive, high-quality content that’ll position you as a thought leader in the healthcare industry and in search, and squeezing the most out of your content investment.

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What I Learned Teaching Python to Marketers and SEOs

Hamlet Batista | CEO, RankSense

Leverage content tools to grow your brand. Hamlet Batista, CEO of Ranksense, joins our webinar to reveal how he grew his following 10x and became an in-demand speaker in less than a year. Learn how content helps build an engaged audience, takeaways to apply to your own brand, and why learning Python can help your content strategy.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Pam Didner | Founder & Speaker, Relentless Pursuit

Connect the dots between sales and marketing. Listen in as Pam Didner, B2B marketing consultant and author of Effective Sales Enablement, shares what you can do to support your sales team better as a marketer. Learn how to identify digital marketing elements that can be part of the sales discussion and integrate marketing tools through account-based marketing.

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Crafting Content for The Customer Journey

Austin Distel | CMO, Proof

Creating a content strategy that goes beyond top-of-funnel. Austin Distel, CMO at Proof, discusses how to create personalized content experiences across the customer lifecycle. Discover a strategy that maps content to where visitors are in their journey, offering personalized experiences that take their situation into account.

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Research, Data & Content: How to Build & Expand Your Brand

Allen Martinez, | Chief Creative Brand Strategist, Noble Digital

Your data is only as good as what you do with it. In this webinar Allen Martinez, Chief Creative Brand Strategist of Noble Digital shows how he analyzes and assesses data to extract human insights and identify untapped audiences. Using a real-world example, he walks through the process of how to develop a new brand, new product launch, or new campaign.

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How NLP Creates Better Content

Seth Earley | CEO, Earley Information Science

Detailed content analysis is no longer humanly possible. Natural language processing (NLP) is a form of AI that analyzes and interprets massive amounts of human language. Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Science, gives a crash course on how natural language processing changes the way you plan and create content.

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Customizing Your Content Workflow for Maximum Efficiency

Rob Mills | Head of Content, GatherContent

Watch this webinar recording with Rob Mills, Head of Content for GatherContent, and discover how to remove the common pitfalls in producing content. Improve your entire team’s efficiency, no matter the size of your group or the complexity of the activity.

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How to Predict Content Performance and Shareability

Brennan White | Co-Founder, Cortex

Forget publish and pray. Stop guessing! Use data to inform the material, the right imagery to reinforce the message and the correct promotional strategy to get your content seen. In this webinar with Brennan White, co-founder of Cortex, he shares how AI is changing the way content gets published. Discover how technology helps craft better content and predicts your audience’s reaction.

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Best Practices for Conducting a Content Audit

Rob Mills | Head of Content, GatherContent

Join Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of MarketMuse, as he walks through a simple process for conducting a content inventory and audit. Discover how to identify the right content to create and the most important to update. Set yourself up to show immediate ROI and get the most out of your content.

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How Experts React to Google Algorithm Updates

Andy Crestodina | Co-Founder & CMO, Orbit Media Studios

Don’t fret every time there’s an update. These updates aren’t to be taken lightly. But how do you quickly understand what the changes mean for your site in particular? Listen in as Andy Crestodina, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media Solutions, discusses how to interpret changes to search engine algorithms.

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Building and Managing a Team of Freelance Writers

Vincent D’Eletto | Founder & CEO, WordAgents

Why you should outsource content creation. Choosing whether to create a team of in-house writers or hire freelance is not an easy decision to make. Join Vincent d’Eletto, Owner of Word Agents, as he discussed the benefits of outsourcing content creation. Watch and learn how to structure and hire a high-performing team of freelance writers.

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How to Build Serious Google Authority

Stephan Spencer | SEO Expert, Author & Speaker

Content is too precious to waste. Content marketers frequently publish the wrong content for the wrong audience, without any SEO benefit. Yet many don’t even realize this is happening. In this webinar Stephan Spencer, SEO author, blogger, and speaker offers five practical techniques on building serious Google authority.

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B2B Marketing & Sales: From Content to Conversation

Bob Apollo | Founder, Inflexion-Point

Good content encourages sales conversations. Content that doesn’t create a meaningful dialogue misses the mark. In this webinar, Bob Apollo, founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, discusses the impact of content on the sales process. He examines how content is only as good as the sales conversation it stimulates.

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How to Bring Agile Marketing to Your Content Strategy

Andrea Fryrear | President, AgileSherpas

Learn what it means to be agile. Content teams everywhere want to be able to pivot quickly and produce work of higher quality. In this presentation, Andrea Fryrear, President of AgileSherpas, shows how to introduce the Agile methodology to your team. Discover how Agile helped her team publish 300 pieces of content in a single year.

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Technology and Data that Fuels High-Quality Content

Nate Broughton | Partner, Growth Partner

Content strategy technology Q&A. Synthesizing deep insights from social media, keyword research, and competitive analysis is difficult. Turning that into a clear plan is even more challenging. Join the conversation with Nate Broughton from Growth Partner to discover the data he uses to fuel content briefs and plans at scale.

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How an Agency Can Help Scale Content Production

Gregg Anderson | Co-Founder & CEO, 41 Orange

Scale content creation and accelerate ROI. You’ve created an ambitious content plan only to realize you lack the resources to execute it within the desired timeframe. Join our webinar with Gregg Anderson, Co-Founder, and CEO of 41 Orange, in a discussion about various ways agencies can help the content production process.

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Managing Your End-To-End Content Strategy

Chris Willis | CMO, Acrolinx

Search + Brand Voice = Incredibly Powerful Content. Why is it that workflow complexity increases as an organization scales its content creation? Acrolinx and MarketMuse recently joined forces to help organizations create high-quality content that follows brand guidelines and performs in organic search – every time.

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Using Keyword Resources to Identify Opportunities

Ewen Finser | Founder, Venture 4th Media

Sometimes it’s about what not to write. A lot of time is wasted writing content that won’t rank due to the amount of competition and its authority. In this webinar, Ewen Finser, Founder of Venture 4th Media and Partner at Owl Mountain Capital, discusses how to identify and prioritize content opportunities so you can get found.

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How to Create In-Depth Content for Better Ranking

Jeff Baker | CMO, Brafton

You can write for search engines and people too. Crafting great content isn’t solely about getting rankings. It’s also about serving your customers. View this webinar featuring Jeff Baker, Director of Marketing at Brafton, to learn the content strategy changes they made to propel them to page one (hint: it’s nothing to do with backlinking, keyword stuffing, or rewriting metadata).

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How User Intent Changes the SEO & Content Game

Kevin Indig | Director of SEO, Shopify

Prioritize user intent to grow traffic. To do well in search, you need relevant content that addresses the intention of the searcher. Prioritizing user intent will grow traffic, increase your website’s relevance enhance user experience, and improve the buying journey. Discover how Kevin Indig, Director of SEO, Shopify, applies a user-centric approach to content strategy.

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The Modern Content Marketer’s Tech Stack

Aylin Cook | Head of Content Marketing, Single Grain

What content marketing tools should you invest in? Marketing technology options have increased nearly 50-fold over the last eight years. Watch this webinar for an insider’s look into a day-in-the-life of an agency and SaaS content marketing tech stack.

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What Two Large Semantic SEO Data Studies Taught Me

Eric van Buskirk | Founder, Clickstream

Search engines are about semantic relationships. Eric van Buskirk talks about two studies (analysis of 9.93 million words and analysis of 1 million Google search results) he conducted around what affects search ranking. In this tell-all, he discusses his research, discoveries, and how you can leverage it in your own content strategy.

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