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MarketMuse Case Studies

Discover how teams of all sizes create predictably better content at scale with MarketMuse.

Inside The Magic

The solution is simple. Increase the amount of content that ranks.

After purchasing Inside The Magic, Kurt Schmidt grew the site by 4.14X but he knew there was a bigger opportunity. So Kurt partnered with MarketMuse to raise the bar on quality and create a process for all writers to follow. The team of writers quickly realized that using the recommendations from MarketMuse led to better content, more engagement, and more money.


Scaling content and building topical authority, while nearly doubling organic traffic.

Kasasa brought MarketMuse onboard to centralize their content strategy, speed up processes and validate their content planning. MarketMuse’s planning services helped support the org’s rapid growth, cutting time needs significantly. While Content Briefs simplified processes and helped make their content even more authoritative.


How one manufacturer stopped guessing and started publishing better content, faster.

The team at TentCraft brought on MarketMuse to help them do more, faster – while helping ensure the ROI is there without requiring layers and layers of experimentation.

They rely most on the Research and Competitor applications within MarketMuse. Being able to conduct a competitor gap analysis, look at intent, and identify their site’s personalized difficulty on any given topic enables better (and faster) decision-making to create content that performs well the first time.

Stick Shift Drive Academy

How a niche company increased its publishing cadence and grew topical authority without sacrificing content quality.

Due to the niche, local nature of the business, Stick Shift Driving Academy knew that organic search would be the key driver for producing revenue and targeting key customers. They also knew that high-quality content would be the only way to reach their intended audience.

SSDA partnered with MarketMuse to create otherworldly results. From dramatically increasing their publication cadence, organic traffic, and inbound requests, they now enjoy trackable, repeatable success.


How a tech company consolidated its content strategy tech stack and turned to MarketMuse to save time and create amazing results.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the manual back and forth between content strategy tools, and ManyChat was not immune. Their team would spend hours in the painstaking research, writing, and optimization content process, not to mention the content briefing

With MarketMuse, ManyChat was able to create steady organic entrance growth, shoot up in keyword rankings, save time, and so much more.

Learn how they dramatically increased their publication cadence without sacrificing quality and saw a 1,570% increase in organic search traffic.

Before the SEO and content team at ramped up its content efforts, most of the company’s customer acquisition efforts came via paid traffic. While this was effective, they wanted to have a more consistent way to bring qualified traffic to the site without relying on paid search.

By hiring strong writers, building a process to make them self-sufficient, and using MarketMuse’s AI to handle as much of the heavy lifting as possible, they succeeded in hitting the goal of publishing 100 pieces of content per month.


How to find process efficiencies at scale and publish more confidently.

Codeless is a high-end remote content agency with a network of 55 writers that creates more than 300 pieces of content per month for clients across diverse industries. Recently, one of Codeless’s clients – – wanted to ramp up to publish 500 high-quality articles in just five months.

As a remote agency, Codeless has to be relentlessly process-driven to maintain high editorial and SEO standards for content production at this scale.


The Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers built an AI-Led content strategy using MarketMuse.

No stranger to large-scale content production, IEEE has been in the content creation game for nearly 60 years — since the organization’s inception in 1963. A strategy that once centered around volumes on a shelf, tangible items that came at a premium, had already come a long way with the onset of the internet age and the democratization of content.

The content team wanted to set up an AI-centered machine that would reduce manual processes, speed up content brief creation and content approvals, and improve search rankings.


How Yello Doubled Their Organic Blog Traffic in Six Months

Declining page-one search visibility and a corresponding drop in organic traffic left Yello struggling for brand recognition critical to attracting new customers. To ensure their messaging reached its intended audience, the Yello team invested in a new SEO strategy to create high-performing searchable content.

With the help of MarketMuse, they developed topic clusters to improve search authority, establish brand pillars and drive top-of-funnel growth.

How Lewis Doubled Their Keyword Rankings in 9 Months

How MarketMuse helped this global marketing agency regain rankings lost after the website migration.

After a website migration that left the organization with reduced rankings and inbound leads, LEWIS knew it had to rethink their SEO strategy. With the help of MarketMuse, they carefully mapped their keywords and optimized both existing pages and new content. 

As a result, they were able to increase their top three rankings by 30%, achieve a 68% increase in positions four through ten, and grow their overall page on rankings by 55%.


How ISSA turned a quiet blog into a revenue generator.

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) was confronted with a content challenge many organizations experience. Although they had subject matter experts creating content, it wasn’t fully researched from a user or search perspective.

As a result, search traffic was marginal at best. But by flipping their process around, they turned a “little blog that could” into a powerhouse revenue generator and ISSA is now recognized as an authority by search engines.

This case study explores the transformation of a lowly blog into the prince of profit and how they built a high-quality and well-converting audience.

Tomorrow Sleep

How Tomorrow Sleep’s Traffic Rose Nearly 10,000% within One Year

A true David vs Goliath story. This a tale about a new website went from 4K to 400k per month in organic traffic in less than one year. Using MarketMuse has help them outmaneuver long-standing rivals not just to drive traffic, but to drive targeted high-quality traffic.

Outranking established competitors is never easy. But with their engaging content, Tomorrow Sleep outranks their largest competitors for primary topics in the SERP. Plus, they hold multiple positions for many important search terms.


How MarketMuse Helped Cortex 3x Organic Traffic and Improved Lead Quality

Within six months of adopting MarketMuse Suite, Cortex tripled their blog cadence and domain traffic, while dramatically improving lead quality.

Prior to this, they relied on a manual process and spent far too much time on monotonous keyword research and manually building content briefs. Inefficiency ruled the day, but not anymore! Moving away from manual drudgery has enabled the company to scale content creation to triple its former rate and enjoy the benefits of increased high-quality leads.

They are no longer at a loss for content ideas and their editorial calendar is always full.