Keyword Research

Keyword Research | May 26 2021

The Difference Between Keywords and Topics

There's a remarkable difference between a topical approach and one relying on keywords. Discover how to use topics to quickly create expert-level...
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | Dec 02 2020

Keywords and Content – How They’re Frequently Misused #firesidecontent

While everyone employ keyword research, few do it correctly. Nick Eubanks and Jeff Coyle clear up some misconceptions in this Twitter chat.
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | Feb 28 2020

7 Reasons Monthly Keyword Search Volume Can Be a Poor Metric

Monthly keyword search volume is the basis of nearly every content strategy. Here are seven things to watch out for when relying...
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | Feb 25 2020

Keyword Relevance: The Hidden Success Metric in SEO and Content Marketing

Keyword relevance isn’t just about choosing terms that are applicable to your business. It’s using all the relevant related terms and topics...
Aki Balogh
Keyword Research | Nov 21 2019

Keyword Research and The Search Volume Illusion

Low volume keywords can be a goldmine. Here's why well-written content can rank for many different search terms and become a traffic...
Camden Gaspar
Keyword Research | Sep 17 2019

Keyword Difficulty: Time for This Non-personalized Metric to Evolve

Why personalized difficulty is a better metric than the old standby, keyword difficulty. Your website is unique and your keyword difficulty should...
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | Jun 19 2019

Why Keyword Research Doesn’t Help Create Better Content (and What to do About it)

Google is no longer a keyword-driven dearch engine. Here is a look at how to create better content in the age of...
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | Jun 05 2019

7 Examples of Low Volume Keywords That Generate a Ton of Traffic

A detailed look at how pages targeting long-tail keywords with low volume can receive significant amounts of search traffic.
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | May 28 2019

Keyword Research as We Know It Is Dead

This post examines why pages rank for multiple search terms and how keyword research must change to reflect this reality.
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | May 21 2019

Keyword Search Volume as a North Star Metric (Why It’s a Black Hole)

Forget keyword search volume. Discover the massive untapped potential of search terms with low-to-no search volume.
Stephen Jeske
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