Product | Jul 27 2021

Introducing Saved Views

Saved Views allows you to further customize MarketMuse and arrange the data to suit your needs.
Product | Jun 10 2021

What Is a MarketMuse Content Brief?

Discover the level of detail that goes into a MarketMuse content outline and the difference it makes in successfully scaling content production.
Product | Apr 20 2021

Using MarketMuse for Keyword Research

MarketMuse extends the value of your current keyword research process providing insight that is otherwise unattainable.
Product | Mar 19 2021

How MarketMuse Handles User Intent

Most user intent shows a fractured nature. Here's how MarketMuse handles the differing intents between topics and pages.
Product | Feb 12 2021

Major Platform Update

Discover the latest updates to the MarketMuse platform including integrated natural language generation and ROI tracking.
Product | Jan 05 2021

MarketMuse Pro vs Frase

A head-to-head comparison of MarketMuse Pro, the content intelligence platform, vs. Frase the answer engine optimizer.
Product | May 13 2020

Optimize Gets a Makeover and More

Updates to the editor in Optimize make it easier to integrate into your current content marketing stack, especially for Google Docs and...
Product | May 12 2020

How to Conduct Competitive Content Analysis Using MarketMuse

Discover how MarketMuse Compete reveals exactly what you need to craft content that's distinctly better than your competition.
Product | May 05 2020

How MarketMuse Scales Your Linking Strategy

Here's how MarketMuse helps scale your linking strategy so that it's part of the content creation process. Now everyone can be an...
Product | Apr 30 2020

MarketMuse Suite Advanced Content Strategy Dashboard

MarketMuse Suite Advanced Content Strategy Dashboard provides actionable insight to help content strategists quickly identify and resolve content issues.
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