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Content Strategy Guides

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been in the field for a while, content strategists of all types will find these MarketMuse guides to be useful. They cover a wide range of topics to help you create a more effective content strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Strategy

Discover the process guaranteed to produce expert-level content every time.

In this MarketMuse guide we’ve put together everything you need to consistently produce stellar content, from start to finish. You’ll learn how and why you should rethink your keyword strategy, plus advanced concepts like topical authority, user intent, and more.

The Surprising Ways Knowledge Graphs Influence Content Strategy

Thought leadership in today’s noisy world requires a new understanding.

The information journey, the prospect-customer journey, satisfying user intent all require a deeper understanding of information retrieval, topic modeling, and knowledge graphs. Discover the 11 keys to breaking through the noise barrier in this short guide from a presentation by MarketMuse cofounder Jeff Coyle.

8 SEO Sins

Here are eight of the worst SEO mistakes that cause content teams the most pain.

Having worked with hundreds of content teams to boost their results, we’ve isolated the most critical SEO mistakes holding them back. Get this MarketMuse guide and discover the dirty little secret about keyword volume, the missing piece of the search intent puzzle, why imitating SEO practices of large brands can get you penalized, and more.

A Content Marketer’s Guide to Natural Language Generation

How to use NLG to scale your content production efforts

Scaling content production can feel like a tall task. How do you increase cadence without growing your team or budget? Are you taking away from your team’s creative potential by weighing them down with redundant content creation tasks?

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we plan and create content. With natural language generation (NLG), teams can increase speed, agility and productivity without breaking the bank.

We cover all this and more in the Content Marketer’s Guide to Natural Language Generation. 

Guide to Content Quality

How to create expert-level content that’s the best on the web.

More and more content marketers realize the key to standing out above the noise is through high-quality content. In today’s crowded environment, great content is no longer an option. It’s a necessity!

But how do you measure content quality objectively?

This MarketMuse content strategy guide will teach you the true definition of content quality and how to measure it with content scoring. Plus, you’ll learn about thin content (it’s not just about word count) and how to find and optimize it quickly.

Getting Started With Content Clusters

The “secret” to ranking for competitive terms.

Competition for organic traffic is fierce and often one piece of content isn’t enough to rank for sought-after search terms. The key to success in this situation is creating and linking together multiple pieces of content on a given subject.

This guide explores five ways to incorporate related content and the impact this strategy has on your marketing channels, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, and website engagement.

Guide to Content Gap Analysis

Here’s a faster and better way to do content gap analysis.

Running a gap analysis can uncover a wealth of information, revealing weaknesses in your content and that of the competition. Every piece of content should be analyzed in this manner.

The problem is that most people don’t conduct content gap analysis properly. Even if they do, they frequently lack the necessary resources to scale this up.

Learn what you may be missing when conducting content gap analysis, why automation will make your life easier, and how to save significant time on your next gap analysis.

Building a Better Content Brief with Tech

A process that’s guaranteed to produce expert-level content every time.

Every content marketer faces this challenge. How do you consistently and efficiently craft high-quality content?

Enter the content brief. It’s like a blue print any writer can use to guide them to quickly creating content of the highest calibre.

This guide explores what content briefs should include and how to amplify your briefs to ensure that each time you give an assignment, the result is predictable, high-quality, and optimized for search engines. Included are tips on how to effectively communicate with both staff and freelance writers.

Guide to Content Optimization

How to optimize for both search engines and your audience.

Can you create content that’s best suited for search engines and humans? Absolutely!

Content optimization is more than just mentioning your keyword in the first paragraph, wrapping subheadings in H2 tags, or any of those other SEO hacks. It’s about making sure your content is as comprehensive as it can be.

This guide explores what content optimization is in the world of semantic search and how you can satisfy both search engines and your audience. Here you’ll discover how to improve your content in predictable ways that make a substantial difference.