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Schema Markup

Schema markup is semantic vocabulary microdata added to HTML to help search engines read and present your page in the SERP. Add schema markup to your page code to enhance the way your page gets displayed in organic search results.

Google uses this structured data to create rich snippets. Although it has no direct effect on rankings, implementing schema markup can improve visibility in the SERP, should your page appear as a rich snippet.

Common schema markup types and some of their associated data include:

  • organization (company intro, official name, logo, contact info, location, and social profiles)
  • person (name, birthdate, address, education and family members)
  • local business (location, opening hours, menu, contact info)
  • product (product information, such as price and status)
  • recipe (preparation time, cooking time, total time, ingredients, image, nutritional information)
How to Use to Create and Add Structured Data to Your Website