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3 Ways MarketMuse is Transforming GTM

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MarketMuse is transforming the way GTM teams approach content strategy. With the help of MarketMuse, teams like these can save time, increase their organic presence, and improve productivity.

Traditionally, content strategy has been a very manual process — trying to gather information from multiple sources is nothing if not tedious. MarketMuse levels-up that process in three ways:

  1. Improving content efficiency — MarketMuse personalized metrics and AI help identify high-impact opportunities where you’re most-likely to succeed with content optimization or new content creation
  2. Better planning of the customer journey — MarketMuse employs science to help you maximize the effect of your content. Better planning of the customer journey — MarketMuse employs science to help you maximize the effect of your content.
  3. Focusing on rankings that matter most — using a combination of MarketMuse data analysis and AI helps you prioritize your content efforts and understand what’s required to make them better.

Improving Content Efficiency

Improving content efficiency isn’t just about creating more content. If it routinely fails to perform, pushing more content isn’t likely to result in a positive outcome — you’ll just have more under-performing material, that’s all. However, if you’re able to increase the percentage of content that meets your performance target, then you dramatically improve your proficiency.

Here’s a simple example.

You produce 100 pieces of content, but only 20 of them perform as expected — that’s a 20% win rate. Doubling your production to 200 pieces doesn’t increase your win rate. It’s still 20%. You may now have 40 winners, but you have to produce double the amount of content. And it’s still just as ineffective.

Now imagine doubling your win rate to 40%. You publish 100 pieces of content — it’s the same amount of work. But now you have 40 winners instead of 20. And, if you decided to double your production, you’d have 80 winners instead of 40.

Now that’s efficiency!

MarketMuse personalized metrics enable you to do just that, by focusing on areas in which you’ve established Topic Authority and have a significant Competitive Advantage.

Better Planning of the Customer Journey

MarketMuse offers an effective way to manage the intricate Customer Journey, supplying science-backed insights to maximize the impact of your content.

With its powerful content optimization capabilities, marketers can conduct comprehensive topic research.

Furthermore, MarketMuse simplifies the content planning process, creating content briefs that are highly relevant and valuable to respective buyer personas. MarketMuse’s content scoring system guides writers in creating topically rich and concise content that meets buyer expectations at every stage of the funnel. This not only saves time and resources, but also makes sure that marketers provide consistent and relevant content.

Focusing on Rankings That Matter Most

The ability to prioritize your efforts and understanding what’s necessary to improve your conteånt are key to improving efficiency. MarketMuse provides multiple lenses that provide insight into creating and optimizing top-performing content. By using our tools and insights, you’ll be able to focus your time and resources on creating the best possible content, efficiently improving your business’s reach and visibility.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Prioritizing content — Personalized metrics help you focus on topics that’ll have a significant impact. Our research application goes far beyond simple keyword research and digs down deep into what’s required to properly cover a subject. The streamlined process takes the guesswork out of what it takes to be successful. As your content expands, search volume and cost-per-click data make sure you are targeting terms that will generate more leads and income.
  2. Competitive content analysis — Use SERP X-Ray and heatmap in combination to understand the types of content Google is surfacing. You’ll see where the competitive gaps lie and how to make your content stand out from a sea of indifference.
  3. Optimizing content — our patented best-in-class topic modeling technology provides personalized insights on how to improve any article. Follow these recommendations to create a topically rich and concise article that positions you as an expert on the subject.

MarketMuse’s efficient, science-backed solution helps to maximize the impact of their content. Powerful metrics, AI-assisted tools, and personalized insights combine to save organizations time, increase their organic presence, and improve their content performance. MarketMuse enables marketing teams to prioritize content, analyze their competitors, and optimize their content with personalized insights. This makes it easier to create content that is both relevant and valuable to buyer personas, ensuring that all content efforts are effective and efficient.

What you should do now

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