Stephen Jeske

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Product | Jun 10 2021

What Is a MarketMuse Content Brief?

Discover the level of detail that goes into a MarketMuse content outline and the difference it makes in successfully scaling content production.
Stephen Jeske
Content Inventory | May 27 2021

Content Inventory Analysis: 3 Decision-Making Metrics

Use these three metrics to create a content strategy that has demonstrable value, with the confidence that it will succeed.
Stephen Jeske
Keyword Research | May 26 2021

The Difference Between Keywords and Topics

There's a remarkable difference between a topical approach and one relying on keywords. Discover how to use topics to quickly create expert-level...
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | May 20 2021

Content Optimization: Understanding Mentions, Topic Depth, and Topic Breadth

A look at how topic distribution, depth, breadth, content score, and word count work together in creating better content.
Stephen Jeske
Content Inventory | May 11 2021

Content Inventory Optimization and The Importance of Topical Authority

Topical Authority, Competitive Advantage, and Personalized Difficulty are critical to prioritizing your content optimization efforts.
Stephen Jeske
Content Creation | Apr 27 2021

How to Create Better Product Reviews Using MarketMuse

Google's Product Reviews update means that copycat content doesn't cut it anymore. Here's how to go one step further using MarketMuse.
Stephen Jeske
News | Apr 22 2021

Save the Date. Don’t Miss It!

Become a CSC Live VIP and get early access to speakers, ticket drops, special discounts, and more!
Stephen Jeske
Product | Apr 20 2021

Using MarketMuse for Keyword Research

MarketMuse extends the value of your current keyword research process providing insight that is otherwise unattainable.
Stephen Jeske
Content Creation | Apr 09 2021

Training a Team of SEO Content Creators

Building a content team from scratch is no mean feat. Here are some actionable tips based on real-world experience.
Stephen Jeske
Content Creation | Apr 06 2021

Is There a Place for Clubhouse in Your Content Strategy?

How Clubhouse's disappearing audio content can factor into a well thought out content strategy.
Stephen Jeske
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