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The Impact of AI on Creativity, Content Planning and Operations

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In the first half of this one-hour webinar, Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, MarketMuse and Liam Moroney, VP Integrated Marketing, NewsCred talk about the integration mandate for content marketing, SEO, and the entire marketing organization. In the second half they discuss how AI can help support more effective content planning and workflows.

The Need for Better Content Experiences

Effective content marketing is harder than ever. One reason is that the buyer journey is more complicated and traverses multiple channels. The experience moving across those channels is frequently disconnected, leading to a poor impression.

Breaking Down Silos and Integrating Teams

That disconnect is a result of marketing teams creating content and assets in silos. Some teams don’t even share what they create with each other. Even though specific departments are creating content for their particular KPIs, the organization as a whole, fails to work in unison.

For many companies, the dream of a customer-centric experience is a long distance away. For many, the result is a great deal of content waste caused by a lack of transparency and accountability, team misalignment and a reliance on manual processes.

The OmniChannel Experience

The solution is to move away from ad-hoc fragmented marketing towards a truly integrated omnichannel brand experience. Plan content for the customer experience as a whole, so that it is channel independent.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Moving towards the omnichannel experience requires the use of integrated marketing campaigns. This type of campaign is a cross-functional, organized marketing effort to deliver a consistent and relevant experience across all channels. Integrated campaigns align teams across the marketing organization to create content around a clear set of shared goals and KPIs.

Integrated Planning Workflow

Building an integrated plan requires that marketing leadership establish quarterly and annual business priorities. Based on that, the campaign planning team creates an integrated campaign brief which all teams use to produce and repurpose marketing assets. Marketing leadership can then review and evaluate performance analytics.

AI, Content Workflows and The Content Process

A lot of time is spent on content that teams think is “good.” But manual research doesn’t give you the whole picture. An AI-driven process saves time and increases visibility throughout the process.

Research and Planning

In-depth research involves the analysis of hundreds of thousands of pages, something at which artificial intelligence excels. During planning, AI can score content to predict and improve performance prior to publication.

Briefing, Writing and Editing

All the data gathered during research and planning can be automatically assembled into a content brief. This outlines essential information that the content should contain in order to be considered comprehensive. The brief helps keep writers on-brand and on-target for uniform tone and voice. AI provides unbiased, objective editing that scores content quality against competitors.

Optimization, Inventory and Auditing

Along with content quality score comes data-driven instructions for improving underperforming content. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of artificial intelligence is the availability of on-demand inventory auditing to provide objective context on content gaps and quality relative to the competition.

Q and A

How does AI factor into something with an extremely small target audience versus a large scale situation?

How effective is AI research at identifying things like long-tail keywords, related topics and subjective kinds of opportunities?

What you should do now

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