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AI in Content Marketing World 2018

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With well over 200 activities scheduled for Content Marketing World 2018, there is no shortage of things in which to participate. For those interested in artificial intelligence and content marketing, here are some workshop/breakout sessions worth attending.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Build and Optimize Content

In this 3-hour workshop, sponsored by MarketMuse, Chris Penn from BrainTrust Insights helps participants understand the impact of AI on content marketing. Being a workshop, participants will get some hands-on instruction in using AI to understand marketing analytics as well as the personality and tone of their content.

Attendees will also get an introduction to using text mining, natural language processing and predictive analytics in content marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What does someone mean when they talk about AI? How do terms like deep learning and machine learning relate to artificial intelligence?

Nomenclature aside, AI shows great potential in determining the topics about which you should write, understanding conversations at scale, and reverse engineering search results.

In his second breakout session at Content Marketing World, Chris Penn provides participants with a working knowledge of key AI concepts.

Getting Started With AI

No doubt there’s a great deal of hype surrounding artificial intelligence. Notwithstanding the prevalence of click-bait headlines, there is real potential for AI to transform marketing.

The real challenge is figuring out where to start and how to turn AI into a competitive advantage. It has already had a significant impact on planning, production, promotion, personalization, and performance.

Yes, there are examples to be found. For some interesting use cases and technologies, be sure to visit Paul Roetzer’s breakout session.

The Impact of AI on Content

Once upon a time websites ruled. But no longer.

Now instead of web results, searchers see maps, voice search answers, chats and Knowledge Cards. What all of these experiences have in common is that they are beyond your control.

You can thank the rise of AI services like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for that shift.

Along with this change has come an increased demand for microcontent to fill these new platforms and devices. But what tools do you use to create, manage and distribute this new content format?

Jeffrey K. Rohrs’ breakout session offers some insight into working with this content to boost your bottom line.

AI Is Here. Are You Ready?

Rarely do you get the opportunity to participate in so many content marketing workshops of this caliber. Even more so, when they have to do with artificial intelligence. AI is already making a significant impact on the world of content marketing, so take advantage of these sessions while you can.

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