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The AI Must-Haves for Content Marketing

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In this MarketMuse content writing webinar, host Jeff Coyle talks with Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer at Marketing Intelligence Institute.

The discussion revolves around artificial intelligence (AI) marketing and its must-haves to make digital marketing successful for different organizations. Additionally, Mike discusses the results of a survey conducted in 2021 that helped understand marketers’ readiness and knowledge regarding AI marketing tools. Instead of fearing this technology, marketing leaders were excited to implement AI marketing solutions but didn’t know where to start. Furthermore, Mike talks about how amazingly AI technology can understand and parse language, making content marketing easier than before.

In addition to all this, Mike also discusses some common misconceptions regarding AI capabilities in the minds of people. He mentions that the hype surrounding AI has obscured the growth of this technology. Mike also discusses the financial plans created for the AI institution. Besides, he talks about the different tools, such as Hyper and MarketMuse, that are helpful to promote easy editing and content creation.

At the end of the discussion, Mike draws attention to the upcoming six events on AI, called the AI and action webinars, and also shares his contact information for anyone who wants to get in touch to learn about content creation with artificial intelligence technology.

Highlights from the conversation with Jeff Coyle and Mike Kaput.

Show Notes

Content marketing is a perfect combination of science and art. As content writers and marketers, we understand customer behavior and create content that can help us in any way. We also integrate the personalized experience of our consumers to make any content relatable at every level.

However, it becomes quite hard to excel when it comes to the “science” side of content marketing. In that case, artificial intelligence comes as a savior.

Unfortunately, the AI platform is quite misunderstood among marketers worldwide. This has, in a way, affected its true identity. In the webinar, Mike mentions, “I would say, just keep an open mind and put the hype aside for a second, because despite that. This is extremely valuable and very real technology. And it is moving faster. I think the hype has obscured in some ways how fast the actual technology is moving.”

According to Mike, AI is a game-changing technology that can easily shift the way businesses conduct themselves and their promotional strategies. Many AI marketing tools can change the way marketers perceive predictive analytics and the art of creating content for their audience.

AI Marketing Tools

As stated earlier, some AI marketing tools can change the way writers perceive content. For instance, in the webinar, Mike discusses, “Then we can use tools like MarketMuse or HyperWrite to actually write pieces of the posts and then hand those off to a human to human is almost, it’s just the core brain of it.”

Such AI must-haves help the content creators write more posts quickly and then run them through platforms like Grammarly before publishing them.

MarketMuse utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to prepare different strategies for content marketing. For example, this tool allows you to target specific terms in different topic categories. MarketMuse also surfaces topics that you might have to target to excel in content marketing.

Additionally, HyperWrite utilizes NLG (natural language generation) to curate paragraphs and sentences. Your content marketing team can either use this tool to write an entire article or an introduction to help you start a post. Another example of an AI tool that Mike mentions is, which is quite efficient with transcription. Besides, tools such as Descript are ideal for video and audio editing.

AI is also quite helpful when it comes to social media and email promotion. For example, a product,, writes newsletters for its customers, and that too automatically. This tool then helps to make email marketing quite efficient.

Automated Insights is an impressive AI tool that utilizes natural language generation or NLG to create narratives. Besides, you can convert data into words through templates. This tool is ideal for cases such as press releases and reports.

Benefits of AI Content Marketing

Mike explains, “We’re just not that good at humans and are not good at doing programmatic advertising. There are humans that have developed really solid talents at it. But at scale, it’s not possible. So AI has really filled that gap dramatically.” @marketmuseco @jeffrey_coyle @MikeKaput

There are many different things in which AI content marketing performs better than traditional methods. For instance, AI helps marketing professionals to extract crucial customer data and help brands understand different audience segments. It results in creating personalized product recommendations for consumers and improving messaging to elevate consumer experience and customer interactions.

Furthermore, AI helps speed up the process of content curation. It also automates different processes of digital marketing, so your team members can focus on other tasks that require their human knowledge and analysis. In addition, AI marketing tools also cater to data processing. They help collect useful data from the behavior and actions of your customer so that you can use the relevant information to curate strategies.

According to Mike, “Brands need to pay attention to AI-powered content marketing period. I get it. It’s non-negotiable in my mind, not just be, even if I didn’t work for marketing AI Institute, I would be paying attention to it because it just has gotten the quality level and possibility of doing this right.”

AI also reduces the chances of fluff in content and improves how it sounds to the audience. There are many tools designed solely to improve the score of your post and optimize it properly, so your customers can resonate with them.

In the webinar, Mike also mentions Drift more than once. This company is famous for its AI chatbots that have improved conversational marketing to a great level. In addition to this technology, they have also achieved excellent account-based marketing (ABM) personalization.

Featured Guest

Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute

Mike Kaput is Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute and a senior consultant at PR 20/20. He writes and speaks about how marketers can understand, adapt, and pilot artificial intelligence to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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Artificial intelligence is a game-changer technology that can elevate the game of content marketing to an impressive level. From extracting actionable insights to helping curate content for marketing campaigns, this new-age aspect can improve the performance of marketers and help them connect with their audiences in a better way.

What’s more, with different AI applications and tools, you can create personalized content for your audience, so they do not take long to connect to your product. So it is safe to say that AI-based marketing works beneficial for both brands and any potential customer.

A well-curated AI solution can also help reduce the work burden on your team members so that they can focus on other tasks. At the same time, the system can generate all the imperative data to design various strategies. AI tools such as HyperWrite and MarketMuse help generate the right topics for your content strategy so that you can target the right audience with your content. Besides, they also help design posts for your brand, so you can look at other important things, such as planning and implementing promotional strategies.

Unfortunately, many marketers still lack deep learning on artificial intelligence technology. Their understanding is quite limited to how this technology can replace the human workforce. However, in reality, AI can’t operate with the artistic element of writing that only humans can add to any content.

It is about time that different marketing institutions should start pursuing AI to grow.


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