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Aki designs easy-to-use Big Data solutions for digital marketers. As Co-Founder and CEO of MarketMuse, he helps organizations accelerate content creation through AI. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Information Architecture | Sep 16 2020

Topical Authority Is the New Keyword Research

What is topical authority, and how do you achieve it? In this post, we'll answer all your questions about how to gain...
Aki Balogh
Keyword Research | Feb 25 2020

Keyword Relevance: The Hidden Success Metric in SEO and Content Marketing

Keyword relevance isn’t just about choosing terms that are applicable to your business. It’s using all the relevant related terms and topics...
Aki Balogh
Content Creation | Feb 11 2020

A Foolproof Guide to Long Form Content

Want to expand your content horizons? Here's our guide to creating long-form content that has topical authority.
Aki Balogh
Information Architecture | Sep 27 2018

What is Topic Optimization?

Topic optimization is the practice of optimizing your web content around specific topics and concepts relevant to your business. You can optimize topics...
Aki Balogh
Information Architecture | Jul 27 2018

Topic Research vs Keywords for Content Strategists

Topic research is different from keyword research. Traditional keyword research focuses on demand (volume) and difficulty (competition). No doubt, this method is...
Aki Balogh
SEO Content Strategy | Nov 09 2016

How to Optimize Your Site Ranking with Mobile Content

A study recently showed that 50 percent of time spent on digital media is done through a mobile device.Therefore, as digital marketers,...
Aki Balogh
Content Creation | Nov 03 2016

How to Bridge the Gap Between Your Data and Content Teams

Here are a few tips on streamlining the content production process. This is how you bridge the gap between your technical content...
Aki Balogh
Information Architecture | Nov 01 2016

Panda-Proof Your Site by Focusing on Topical Authority

When Google recently came out with Panda 4.0, it was labeled as a search engine update mostly focused on reducing webspam. This...
Aki Balogh
SEO Content Strategy | Dec 17 2014

Relevant Terms Are the #2 Ranking Factor on Google

Relevant Terms are the #2 ranking factor for determining where your webpage ranks on Google (second only to historical Click-Through Rate). This...
Aki Balogh
SEO Content Strategy | Jun 12 2014

Why Topical Authority Is the New SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a tricky game that's full of fads and gimmicks. New techniques emerge, get popular, and then get cut...
Aki Balogh
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