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Case Study: How A Tent Manufacturer Publishes Better Content Faster

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TentCraft serves the outdoor event industry, creating pop-up tents, custom structures, and event signage for major brands and agencies. The company also works on marketing strategies for smaller brands – think breweries, restaurants, municipalities, schools, and sports teams.

Serving a wide range of industries can make it more challenging to craft marketing strategies that take advantage of all potential markets. There has to be a concerted effort to identify and narrow in on what will drive the most qualified leads for the brand, and the ability to execute those findings at scale.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Luke Mason who leads marketing operations and oversees content development at TentCraft to learn more about their process and how his team uses MarketMuse and AI to solve challenges, execute faster, see results sooner and stay ahead of the competition.

The Challenge

With PPC marketing, it’s easy to open the floodgates and drive a high quantity of traffic and leads. But, that’s not always the best strategy. For TentCraft, the quality of leads is far more important. A strong content strategy helps drive more qualified leads, positioning the brand better by targeting higher-intent search terms and creating content designed to solve problems and alleviate pain points.

“Boosting organic traffic has played a big, big role in driving quality leads and allowing us to rely on paid search less,” Mason explained. “You grow [organic] and we can pull back our spend by a hundred thousand a year. I mean, that’s a big, big impact to the bottom line.”

TentCraft’s goal is to grow organic traffic while increasing the conversion rate of qualified leads. They plan to do this through dedicated content efforts and the creation of more industry-specific content pages to better serve niche audiences on-site. This means there’s a need to create content faster and create more of it. MarketMuse makes that easier.

Partnering With MarketMuse Removes the Guesswork

The team at TentCraft brought on MarketMuse to help them do more, faster – while helping ensure the ROI is there without requiring layers and layers of experimentation.

“Nobody wants to experiment with content. It takes forever,” Mason said. “I want to feel like we have a formula we can follow so when we put something out it positions well. We have seen that with MarketMuse.”

Mason and his team rely most on the Research and Competitor applications within MarketMuse. Being able to conduct a competitor gap analysis, look at intent, and identify their site’s Personalized Difficulty on any given topic enables better (and faster) decision-making to create content that performs well the first time.

“Once we started publishing content following the MarketMuse process and formula, we were seeing pieces position within a couple of weeks. Traditionally, you’re looking at months before you see something position. We’re seeing very, very quick results.” Luke Mason, Marketing TentCraft

A Quick and Meaningful Pivot in Uncertain Times

Beyond helping the team position broad and branded terms in SERP, the platform also helped them make a quick pivot to reach a new audience when it mattered most.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company made the pivot to support healthcare through creating solutions for testing tents, drive-through pop-ups, vaccination tents, and temperature check stations. The MarketMuse platform helped them identify demand and meet those needs, quickly optimizing pages for the medical industry before competitors hopped on board.

“[We used] MarketMuse to understand, “Okay, what does the intent look like? What are the focus topics? How should we structure this?” explained Mason. “That allowed us to really be one of the first organizations. We were able to hit the ground running pretty quick, position number one for medical testing tents for COVID testing tents.”

“I think that was the big win, just having the platform to move quicker. We had to make a pivot as a business and we had the platform that was going to allow us to move way faster than we could have in the past.” Luke Mason Marketing, Tentcraft.

With tools like Research, Compete and Inventory, TentCraft can identify opportunities, low-hanging fruit, more easily understand which topics will help them win big, and where they have the best opportunity to rank and drive conversions.

The Competitive Advantage

Overall, Mason says MarketMuse helps his team with prioritization and planning and has significantly impacted the time it takes to create and publish fresh content.

“The time savings is pretty clear,” said Mason. “I mean, you could easily say that the time to prepare a piece of content is easily cut in half using MarketMuse. I would even expand — not even the time to create a content piece, but the time to plan a content piece is considerably faster.”

“If you want to save time, understand where your opportunities are as a business, MarketMuse is a great platform to do that.” Luke Mason, Marketing, Tentcraft.

“Even if you’ve never had a content strategy in the past, I think MarketMuse is going to make it easier to plan and finally put those pieces together,” he continued.

“The one thing in today’s world is digital marketing agencies are a dime a dozen now. The only way you’re going to differentiate yourself is with technology and the platform. Otherwise, what are you doing? What do you have that’s proprietary or how do you work more efficiently? So, I would say every digital marketing agency should partner with MarketMuse to work more effectively. Everybody uses SEM Rush, everybody’s using the same thing and they need to change and innovate and partner with other companies. I think there’s a big opportunity.”

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.