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Creating Your Content Marketing Stack at #CMWorld

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With 30+ sponsors at this year’s event, there’s plenty of opportunity to expand your current content marketing stack. In this post we take a look at a few companies that have caught our eye.

Visit us in the exhibit hall at Booth #328, the MarketMuse Stage. 

On Thursday September 5, 2019 MarketMuse Chief Product Officer Jeff Coyle will be presenting “How AI Automates Time-Consuming Research for Your Content Strategy.”


Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an issue every large organization faces at some point. Smaller companies also face the challenge of organizing their assets so they can be easily found and shared. As and organization grows so too does this problem. It’s a pain point that Canto helps solve. A central library of your entire catalog of images, videos, documents and presentations make retrieval and sharing that much easier. connects industry-expert writers with companies in need of blog posts, white papers, product descriptions and other website content. The platform facilitates ordering content, communicating with writers, and receiving content. Multiple parties can work on a project and makes it easier to collaborate and communicate. A centralized dashboard makes it easier to manage multiple projects using alerts, reminders, and actions. Every project can incorporate detailed guidelines to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!


Coschedule is a family of agile marketing products that helps you stay focused, ensuring projects get delivered on time. Applications include a marketing calendar, content organizer, work organizer, social organizer, and asset organizer. Our marketing team uses it to run the MarketMuse blog and handle promotions across all our social media networks.


Lucidpress is a design and publishing platform for creating content in off-line word; things like brochures, business cards, invitations, and reports. The platform sports 350+ templates to get started quickly and real-time collaboration helps keep everyone in the loop. Plus, you can share your designs anywhere online, or embed them in webpages and emails. Trusted by thousands of organizations, Lucidpress offers a free plan for individual users.  


This platform enables marketers to run performance-based content syndication lead generation and account-based marketing campaigns starting at an attractive price. Reach decision makers actively researching business topics in over 300 industry sectors. Self-service and full-service management solutions are available. In the former case, the portal allows marketers to create, manage, and optimize their campaigns as they choose. Using your lead criteria, target audience and content relevance, it connects your content with the right professionals across 15,000 web properties and 10 promotional channels.


Newcred is an enterprise content marketing platform that enables marketers to plan, prioritize, create, publish, and measure. Shared calendars provide global visibility and integrated campaign planning. Intelligent routing and centralized management of marketing requests help prioritize initiatives. Enterprise-ready collaboration tools and multi-format content editors speed the creation process while seamless integrations and modern digital asset management help deliver the content. Operational, production and campaign performance analytics ensure every piece of content can achieve its maximum potential.


ScribbleLive helps organizations create visual and interactive content that generate awareness, educate audiences, and drive demand. Infographics, interactive assessments, polls and quizzes, ebooks and white papers are just a few of the types of content from ScribbleLive. The platform is powered by four SaaS and service offerings:

  • TrendHub uses predictive intelligence to inform content strategy.
  • Visually to create visual and video content on-demand and at scale.
  • ion interactive delivers interactive experiences without coding.
  • Engage to produce live events that foster employee, fan, and audience engagement.


Optimize your content supply chain with SDL. World-wide brands need help crafting content to enable a continuous customer journey, and then translate and deliver that content to all internal stakeholders. SDL enables marketers to create and manage their content, translate and localize it, then deliver and distribute content using their software and service offerings.


Shoosta enables brands, governments and institutions to produce video at scale. Shoot today and share tomorrow; their 24-hour-a-day video production company can produce your video within a day. Here’s how it works:

  • Shoot your video using the Shoosta Kit.
  • Upload your files to the Shoosta Hub.
  • Sit back and relax while Shoosta’s skilled editors turn your raw footage into a finished video in just 24 hours.


Socialbakers is a unified marketing platform that helps marketers better understand their audience, craft content they enjoy, and analyze engagement. Having all your social content in one place enables accurate strategic insights, smoother team collaboration and simplifies content discovery.

Stop by the exhibit hall at Booth #328, the MarketMuse Stage. 

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.