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Content Marketing World 2018: Navigating the App

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There’s an app for that? Really!

At first, I thought it was a joke. Why would anyone need an app for Content Marketing World 2018?

But after having had a chance to explore the app, I can see why. It’s indispensable for anyone attending this event.

By the way, this app is restricted to registrants only. So anything that happens within the #CMWorld app stays there.

So let’s take a look at what the Content Marketing World 2018 app has to offer.

Some of My Favorite Features

Locate Me

It’s like your own personal GPS for Content Marketing World 2018. Just type in the number of the booth nearest to you and a map of the exhibit hall pops up showing exactly where you are.

What’s On Now

If you’re the spontaneous type or just aren’t one for planning in advance, you’ll love the What’s On Now feature. Just click and you’ll get a list!

My Schedule

For those who crave organization, there’s a complete scheduler where you can fill in the details of meetings, workshops, breakout sessions and other events.


Get all the details on every event with this feature. Make a note about the event, share it or add it to your schedule.


Is there a favorite speaker about whom you’d like to know more? This feature lists the speakers for every event along with a photo, Twitter handle, description and the sessions at which they’re speaking.

This App is Made for Networking

Events like Content Marketing World are a great opportunity for networking with likeminded people. This app makes it even better.

Make sure to update your profile and publish it so other attendees can engage with you on the app.


Here’s where you can view other attendees who have chosen to make their profile public within the app.

Social Media

Get in touch with the #CMWorld Twitter community through this app. It’s perfect for filtering out all the other social media noise so you can connect with those who count.

Activity Feed

Start a conversation with other show participants by posting something in the activity feed. But in order to do so, you’ll first need to compete and publish your profile.

See you at Content Marketing World 2018!

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