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Content Marketing World 2022: More Sessions We’re Excited About

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There’s a lot on the agenda at this year’s Content Marketing World 2022, running from September 13 to 16 in Cleveland, Ohio and from September 21 to 23 online. With so much to experience at #CMWorld 2022 we thought it would be nice to share some additional sessions that caught our eye.

Psst! We’ll be at #CMWorld Booth #433. Will you?

How to Improve Content Efficiency And ROI

What It’s About

Do you really know how your content performs? If one piece doesn’t perform well, the cost of every piece of content increases. What is the true cost of that content? (Hint: it’s not just cost per word.)

Join this session with Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of MarketMuse, to learn a framework that ensures each piece of content drives the impact it should so you can maximize your investment.

Takeaways include:

  • Explain the “why” behind every piece of content and your overall strategy
  • Drive operational effectiveness to increase the amount of high-quality content and ensure each piece has a specific purpose
  • Calculate the true cost of content by understanding the explicit and hidden costs
  • Increase efficiency rate through content optimization
  • Build content that tells the story that you’re the expert on a topic

Why You Should Go

Proving ROI is critical to the continued success of any content marketing team. One way to improve it is by increasing the effectiveness of your content.

About the Speaker

Jeff Coyle

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse

Jeff Coyle is a data-driven search engine marketing executive with more than 18 years of experience in the search industry managing products and website networks. He’s the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for MarketMuse. Jeff is a data-driven search engine marketing executive with more than 21 years of experience in the search industry. He is focused on helping content marketers, search engine marketers, agencies, and e-commerce managers build topical authority, improve content quality and turn semantic research into actionable insights. His company is the recipient of multiple Red Herring North America awards, multiple US Search Awards Finalist, Global Search Awards Finalist, Interactive Marketing Awards shortlist, and several user-driven awards on G2, including High Performer, Momentum Leader and Best Meets Requirements. @jeffrey_coyle

Piloting AI for Content Marketers: How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

What It’s About

How do you get started with marketing artificial intelligence?

The short answer is quick-win pilot projects with narrowly defined marketing use cases and high probabilities of success. That’s how you build executive support for the longer-term vision and transformation.

From audience targeting to content strategy, to SEO, media buying, email writing, and forecasting conversions and churn, hundreds of activities marketers perform every day will be intelligently automated to some degree in the near future.

Piloting AI goes beyond the splashy headlines and buzzwords. In this session, Founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute, Paul Roetzer, will share a practical framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers.

Takeaways include:

  • A clear understanding of marketing AI.
  • Tips on how to identify quick-win pilot projects.
  • Steps to solve marketing challenges more efficiently.

Why You Should Go

This session is ideal for anyone looking to fast-track their AI marketing implementation. With all the buzzwords, options, and possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but Fortunately, Paul makes AI that much more accessible.

Can’t make it? Listen to Paul and Jeff Coyle talk about The Business Case for AI for Marketing on #firesidecontent.

About the Speaker

Paul Roetzer

Founder & CEO, Marketing AI Institute

Paul Roetzer is founder and CEO of PR 20/20 and Marketing AI Institute; author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence (BenBella, 2022), The Marketing Performance Blueprint (Wiley, 2014), and The Marketing Agency Blueprint (Wiley, 2012); and creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON). As a speaker, Roetzer is focused on making AI approachable and actionable for marketers and business leaders. A graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Roetzer has consulted for hundreds of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. @paulroetzer

Is it possible to measure content marketing ROI? Here’s how!

What It’s About

Content plays a critical role in B2B marketing and throughout a long purchase cycle. Yet, it’s hard to quantify the impact because the content tends to be part of the customer experience, the website, or outreach.

So, what can we do to showcase the true value of the content you create in boosting engagements and generating leads? Pam Didner, author of Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and the AI Marketer, can show you how to measure and demonstrate the ROI of your content.

Takeaways include:

  • Identifying content marketing ROI challenges
  • Understanding different approaches to quantify content marketing ROI
  • Crafting a tracking processes to have a discussion with your team

Why You Should Go

Demonstrating the ROI of content is not a simple process but Pam’s session will set you off on the right track to showing how much value your content holds.

About the Speaker

Pam Didner

B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant

Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, writer, speaker, podcaster, and author of 3 books: Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and the Modern AI Marketer.  She has given future trends, content marketing and sales enablement presentations and workshops in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. Her forte is to create successful global marketing plans that meet local marketing and sales team’s needs. She is strategic in nature and tactical in execution. She shares marketing thoughts at and contributes articles to the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Content Marketing Institute, and other publications.  @PamDidner

10 Steps To Optimize Your Content Marketing Program for ROI

What It’s About

Every business creates content. But few know how to define the right KPIs, plan out the content that answers important customer questions, map that content to the buyer journey, distribute to the right audiences, and get measurable business results.

Join Content Marketing influencer, author and Content Marketing Agency CEO Michael Brenner who will get right to the heart of the 10 simple steps behind building a successful content marketing program in today’s competitive environment.

Apply these approaches to meet customer needs and get results you can brag about to your boss.

Takeaways include:

  • Build the business case and gain the budget for content marketing
  • Reach, engage, and convert new customers for your business
  • Identify the right content to create and how to publish it
  • Measure and report on content marketing achievements in the form of leads, sales, and ROI

Why You Should Go

Getting a budget after you’ve proven demonstrable results is like putting the cart before the horse. Michael shows a way how to create a well-defined content marketing program that will help you get the money when you need it.

About the Speaker

Michael Brenner

CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Michael Brenner is a top Content Marketing influencer, an experienced CMO and Digital Marketer with stints at brands like SAP and Nielsen as well as multiple high-growth startups. Today, Michael runs a fast-growing content marketing agency, Marketing Insider Group. He is also the author of The Content Formula, and Mean People Suck. When he’s not running after his 4 kids, or building effective content marketing programs. Michael enjoys sharing his experiences and client stories to inspire leaders like you to create growth and impact. @BrennerMichael

From Vanity Metrics to Revenue: The Future of Measuring Content’s Impact on the Business

What It’s About

As Marketing is increasingly accountable for revenue outcomes, it’s never been more crucial to connect the dots between personas, accounts, solutions, assets, and results across channels – as that’s at the heart of proving impact. More and more, teams are challenged to go beyond measuring content vanity metrics (e.g. impressions, downloads) and instead report on true strategic outcomes (e.g. opportunities within key buying groups, revenue). Despite the amount of data and tools at our fingertips, the volume of data actually clouds insights and prevents teams from working smarter, not harder. By mitigating data silos across your Marketing organization, teams can reduce internal conflict and start proving content ROI.

In this session, we’ll cover practical tips for defining and rolling out a content engagement system of record across your Marketing team to facilitate efficient planning, delivery, and measurement of amazing content experiences at scale.

Takeaways include:

  • How content measurement has changed and why effective, connected measurement is becoming increasingly critical
  • Common challenges and stages of content measurement maturity across organizations
  • Stories and practical tips for defining and rolling out a content engagement system of record across your Marketing team

Why You Should Go

One of these days you’ll realize there’s a lot more to content marketing metrics than just traffic. If you’ve reached that point and even if you haven’t, this session is the perfect opportunity to learn how content can support important strategic initiatives.

About the Speakers

Louisa Smythe

Director of Marketing Operations, VidMob

Louisa Smythe has built her marketing operations career at enterprise software companies such as Oracle and Adobe. She works with global teams to help corral marketing strategy & operations across silos and product portfolios. Her favorite kind of challenge involves aligning ideas, information, and technology to drive business efficiency and results. Currently, Louisa is Director of Marketing Operations at VidMob.  @lpsmythe_oracle

Ancy Dow

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Airtable

Ancy is a product and solutions marketer who has spent her career enabling teams to deliver customer value and transformation with B2B technology. Currently she leads Airtable’s GTM efforts for an audience that is very near and dear to her heart — Marketing — and previously held product marketing roles at organizations such as PagerDuty and VMware. @ancy_dow

If you’re attending this year’s Content Marketing World, stop by booth #433 and say hello!

Content Marketing World 2022 floor plan.
Stop by and say hello. We’re at booth #433.

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