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Creating a Winning Content Strategy for Healthcare Companies

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You can’t predict algorithm changes or the impact they’ll have on your content. But you can build a strong foundation through a comprehensive content plan. In this webinar with Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at MarketMuse, and Mike Sweeney, CEO of Right Source Marketing, dive deep into how the healthcare industry can use content to their advantage.

Google Has Been Assessing Quality and Intent for a Decade

We’re creating content for humans and machines (search engines). Both have something in common; they value quality. Google will always continue to assess different forms of quality. At the same time, consumers are becoming increasingly more discerning.

What Search Engines Look For

The content needs to focus on the audience, teaching them, and informing them about something. For each piece of content, ask yourself whether it’s self-serving or for the audience. Create themes that serve as guardrails to ensure content created matches the plan. At the same time, you need to leave room for opportunistic content.

Challenges for Healthcare Marketers

Breaking through the clutter and lack of audience trust are the main challenges healthcare marketers face. Yet, trust leads to better health. The key to solving the trust issue lies in content marketing.

Can’t Predict What’s Coming

Take the extra step to humanize your experience. If you already have a substantial inventory of content, it can serve to act as a source of truth and trust. One opportunity is to build on existing inventory to create content that gets traffic right now while fitting into potential future states.

Creating a Strong Foundation

Any sophisticated content marketing effort requires a content strategy and planning process. This action forces you to understand your audience and create that set of guardrails to ensure your content’s thematic cohesiveness. You’re writing for your target audience, not for everybody.

Surrounding the Castle

Content distribution is a critical element of any plan. Distribution channels include owned media (website, social, email, blog), paid media (PPC, paid social, retargeting), earned media (PR, mentions, guest posts, forums, reviews), and internal (distribution email employee social properties).

How to Determine Successful Content Performance

There is no one size fits all measurement solution. Success is dependent on goals. A favorable outcome for creating brand awareness is different than generating new patients.

How to Get More Out of Your Content Investment

Content investment can be leveraged by providing additional relevant information to inform a conversation, should you ever have one. A white paper can be turned into a collection of blog posts, a webinar, a video series, infographics, and more.

Opportunistic content can provide short term success, but content marketing isn’t a short term play. Building trust in the eyes of your audience requires consistency and a long term commitment.

What you should do now

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