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End-to-End Content Strategy Management

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In this webinar, Chris Willis, Chief Marketing Officer at Acrolinx, and Jeff Coyle, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder MarketMuse, discuss ways to break through common content workflow challenges. They examine best practices to improve your content’s impact with a proactive approach to governance and search.

Learn how to enforce content governance and brand guidelines across the organization. Discover efficient means of improving content quality with click-and-replace features for preferred brand language and topic opportunities. Uncover content gaps easily, so writers cover the subject matter your audience expects to find.

Good Content

A lot of time is spent on content that teams think is “good.” But what does that mean? At a high level, good content is content that’s aligned with your strategy. Once that quality level is defined, the challenge is getting everyone in the organization to follow.

Content Strategy Workflow

Everyone has some form of terminology that they use. Although mostly unused, everyone has some sense of voice. Leveraging existing content allows you to go in and harvest these rules and create terminology directories. These are the guidelines by which you’re going to govern your content.

Content Research

Scoring content enables determination of whether or not it is properly aligned. You can leverage your learning to help define your strategy through constant iteration, using your own content.

Planning Content

Content scoring predicts and helps improve performance before publishing. It’s important to establish benchmarks to understand today’s current process. Then you can determine if value has been achieved, based on those goals.

Content Briefs

Having detailed and comprehensive content topics outlines everything to be achieved with the brand, voice, tone and any defined standards of excellence. By incorporating this shared wisdom, writers have confidence that their output will achieve the goals of the business.

Writing Content

Keeping writers on-brand and on-target provides for uniform voice and tone. That increases clarity and accuracy while reducing production time. Real-time guidance helps achieve business goals with an agile approach to terminology evolution.

Editing Content

Unbiased, standardized and objective editing that scores quality against competitors is the preferred method. Surprisingly, people enjoy being evaluated by artificial intelligence. Unlike humans, AI isn’t subjective nor is it subject to varying moods. It unwaveringly applies the same standards day in and day out.

Promoting Content

Publishing cadence is a critical factor in building a publishing machine. Taking the guesswork out of determining how many times a content item needs to be reviewed makes it easier to adhere to an editorial calendar. You can promote based on the optimal time to publish and push content.

Optimization & KPIs

Detailed directions are necessary to optimize underperforming content at scale. There are bottlenecks everywhere and automation can help relieve them while ensuring to remain on the straight path to success.


Does AI focus on just one type of content, or just knowledge-based content, or is it wide-spectrum?

Is there an angle on that for structured content?

Is this something for where we can keep our auditing of our inventories up-to-date?

What you should do now

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