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Case Study: How Boosted Blog Traffic 1,570%

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More content often leads to more results, especially for highly competitive topics. But this only works when content quality matches the quantity.

Building a growth engine to achieve this is no mean feat. Scaling paid acquisition is comparatively simple, just increase your ad spend to increase the lead quantity.

Prior to ramping up their content efforts, the SEO and content team at used paid search as their primary means of bringing qualified traffic to their site. They employed the typical approach of keyword research and paid search data to find and validate content ideas.

Although successful, they wanted to improve their rankings on high intent search terms while reducing their paid search spend. This was a challenge given the wide array of potential users, everyone from marketing and sales, to HR and IT.

Given that situation, they felt it necessary to create content-driven customer journeys for several different personas. A sophisticated content strategy such as this, planning and creating a high volume of content in a comparatively short amount of time, lead them to turn to Codeless and MarketMuse.

Codeless is a premium content agency with the process and capacity to produce 100+ high-quality articles every month. MarketMuse’s AI-driven applications give the content teams at Codeless and the confidence their articles are effectively optimized for search prior to publication.

This enabled them to increase their publication cadence dramatically while maintaining content quality in a consistent and objective manner. Codeless writers rely on MarketMuse to help them as they craft content and check their work prior to submission. Every long-form piece of content has to exceed the MarketMuse Target Content Score before it gets published on

Over five months the content team produced 500 articles achieving a 25 position average rank improvement with an increase in organic traffic of 1,570%.

Camden is the Content Marketing Manager at MarketMuse. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.