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How to Double Your Keyword Rankings in 9 Months

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As website migrations go, it was the best of times and yet the worst of times. In August 2018, LEWIS, a global full-service PR, marketing, and digital advertising agency migrated to a new CMS.

Although the LEWIS brand received a much-needed facelift, the agency noticed a loss in rankings accompanied by a decrease in inbound leads. It quickly became apparent that LEWIS needed to revisit its SEO strategy if they were to gain bank those coveted rankings.

But there was more.

Working together, LEWIS’ Director of SEO, Nicole Grodesky, and Director of Marketing Shazia Amin, realized they needed to address SEO on a global marketing scale. With 26 international offices, an ad hoc approach was out of the question. They required a well-conceived strategy, along with a plan that followed a clear and unified process while encouraging team collaboration.

With the help of MarketMuse, they set out to regain rankings lost after the website migration, expand rankings to LEWIS’ service pages, and improve the performance of new content as well. LEWIS evolved its content strategy to take on a more calculated approach. 

The strategy involved the careful mapping of keywords and the optimization of both existing pages and new content. 

Download the case study to see how LEWIS was able to:

  • Increase their top three rankings by 30%
  • Achieve a 68% increase in positions four through ten
  • Grow their overall page on rankings by 55%.

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.