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Introducing MarketMuse Pro

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MarketMuse Pro brings the power of the premier AI-driven content intelligence platform to a broader audience. This version is ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses wanting access to the most popular features and applications that MarketMuse offers, but don’t have the publishing needs of an enterprise.

MarketMuse Pro is more than a content optimizer. Here’s what’s included in your monthly subscription.

Track Your Top Pages and Topics

Forget spreadsheets and those dreaded content audits. See your content inventory, analyzed, and organized, so you always know what to write. MarketMuse Pro puts rank trackers to shame!

Sort, search, and filter pages and topics by key metrics. Quickly determine a page’s most valuable topic, based on your coverage, rank, and potential traffic.

See how powerful your pages are, based on their network of ranking topics and the degree to which you cover them with our personalized Page Authority metric.

Topic inventory lets you look at your topics to see what’s performing, what’s not, and what offers the best potential for success. Quickly see the top related page for any topic – the one that has the best coverage and the highest traffic. Opportunity Score, based on numerous factors, predicts which topics offer the best chance of success for improving topical coverage.

Get a handle on your authority for any given topic based on its coverage across your inventory and know whether you have a competitive advantage. Take advantage of MarketMuse Personalized Difficulty score, an industry first, to understand how difficult it will be for YOU to rank for a particular topic.

Find Gaps in Coverage, Differentiate and Beat the Competition

By analyzing the top-ranking pages and the way they cover your target topic, we create a map of their biggest mistakes and successes. Learn about their off-page authority from their position and content quality. 

See your competitor’s coverage of important related topics across the entire Top 20 in our heatmap. Identify gaps, must-have topics, and essential ideas to cover. Use this information to craft the most well-rounded content in the search results.

Turn Insight Into Action With MarketMuse Content Briefs

MarketMuse Content Briefs are automated content outlines that ensure predictable content effectiveness. They’re available for both new content creation and existing page optimization.

MarketMuse analyzes data points from all the competitive content to create guidelines for writing about your topic. By creating sections in the content, we can create a narrative outline using multiple data sets resulting in a topically-rich page. Choose from our section ideas or add your own.

Let AI Do the Research for You

Better content begins with better research. With MarketMuse Pro, you can accomplish in minutes what would otherwise take hours or days to do by hand. Your time is better spent on crafting the best content based on data and not on a hunch.

For any given topic, MarketMuse scans the competitive environment and creates a topic model of the most important and relevant topics along with their suggested frequency of use. No more guessing on how best to cover a particular topic.

Make Your Content Even Better

Even the best writers, editors, and strategists can miss essential topics in their content. Updating an existing page to improve coverage of core topics takes relatively little time and can have a considerable impact. 

MarketMuse looks at the content you’ve written and how well it covers the topic upon which you are focused. We analyze thousands of pages of web content using natural language processing.

This sophisticated analysis ensures recommendations of the highest quality.

We determine not only who covers this topic at an expert level, but EXACTLY what you need to do better. 

Who Benefits Most From MarketMuse Pro?

Organizations with more modest content needs can benefit from MarketMuse Pro. It features three powerful workflows (Research, Compete, and Optimize), the ability to order briefs and content, 500-page inventory, and 50 queries per month for one user.

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.