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Major Platform Update

5 min read

This major update to the MarketMuse platform contains a significant number of data improvements and workflow enhancements. Here’s an overview.

Stack Filters

Creating sophisticated filters to segment your content inventory is even easier. Select which criteria to include in your filter and we’ll guide you in filling in the details. Stack filters together using AND/OR operators for added versatility.

All columns in the inventory are now filterable by many different operations. Operations on the same data point can be performed in tandem to result in very specific filter sets. Filter sets are nameable and saveable. This is accessible in the inventory functions bar.

Save Content in Optimize Editor

No longer do you have to copy and paste your work into an external text editor. Now you can save the content you’re creating in Optimize. Save your content, knowing that when you come back at a later date, it will still be there.

Track the ROI of Your Content

Stop guessing. Prove to your team the value of content marketing. Now you can attribute your content efforts to real dollars and cents. See the value of each content item increase over time as you make improvements.

Every inventory item now has an ROI value, along with the month-over-month, traffic, month-over-month change, and potential for these data points based on their authority.

A new ROI dashboard module shows basic values around aggregate inventory traffic and the value of that traffic based on CPC value. You may “Set your ROI” by filling out a short form with information about your website’s revenue. These changes will effect their inventory on its next run, not only changing this aggregate number but all other ROI numbers in the inventory.

Enhanced Planning and Collaboration

Create specific assignments for people on your content team, along with due dates and other important data. Any team member can be set as an assignee on any row. Assignees can be set wherever you see that data and your content inventory can be filtered according to the assignee.

Plus, Pages details, Topics details, and Project Page are all shareable through guest access to outside groups.

Better Brief Monitoring and Access

Order Content Briefs directly from your content inventory. Stay updated on their status through the use of status filters.

MarketMuse NLG Technology Integrated With Platform

MarketMuse NLG Technology, an AI-generated initial draft of content, is integrated with the platform. Order a NLG Technologyt for any content item in your inventory. When ready, you can move sections of the draft at will into Optimize to create a piece of publishable-ready content.

Customize Content Inventory Views

You have complete control over what data you see in your inventory. Just like a spreadsheet, you can arrange the order of columns, lock them in place, and hide those you don’t wish to see.

Improved Topic Importing

Adding individual topics to your inventory is a cleaner experience with this update. Now you can import a CSV file of topics, a big time-saver for those with many to add. In fact, any CSV with properly named columns can be used to seed inventory additions, brief orders, assignments, etc. We have a template to help.

Consolidated Data Views

No more switching views to find the data you need. Now you can see everything for a topic/page on one screen. The data us organized by section and can be quickly accessed using the left-hand sidebar.

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.