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Marketing AI Profile: Alain Stephan

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Mr. Stephan enjoys telling stories with data and turning information into insights for business transformation. Alain is passionate about the Customer Experience, using data to better understand the patterns in human behavior and the motivations behind our decisions. He is an advocate for pushing the limits of how we collect, assess, engage with and take action on new and existing data. 

Alain has been involved in numerous analytics products and algorithm developments including predictive analytics, customer engagement, sales analytics, customer lifecycle analytics, and customer journey analytics.

University of Chicago GSB, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Miami University, Bachelor’s Degree Finance & Marketing Research

“Marketers can position themselves as leaders of the AI revolution within their companies by applying AI to better understand and evangelize the voice of the customer.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Elevating the Customer Journey by Applying AI to Consumer Calls

Artificial intelligence elevates the customer journey to a new standard: a seamless conversation, the anticipation of needs, the building of trust that only comes from deeply understanding the voice of the consumer. Successful marketers are positioning themselves as leaders of the AI revolution within their companies by applying AI to better understand and evangelize the voice of the customer from consumer phone calls.

AI has the ability to analyze and uncover those moments of truth that occur on the phone between your customers and your brand—at scale. Artificial intelligence can streamline unstructured audio into transcripts, find patterns in those transcripts, and correlate patterns to business problems and outcomes. A deep dive into actual use cases and case studies will showcase the capabilities of AI-powered marketing analytics for the consumer voice and how brands are using it to more accurately prove marketing ROI, deliver more personalized experiences, build more impactful audiences, and make smarter strategic decisions to drive growth.

Recent Events

Columbus WAW October 2018

LSA Insider 2016

Alain Stephan on AI Marketing

How AI is Turning the Voice of the Consumer into Marketing Analytics Gold

Artificial intelligence holds great promise in its ability to understand and evangelize the voice of the customer. Although the majority of marketers believe in the the possibility of AI, few have an AI strategy in place. Marketers should look to artificial intelligence to help listen to and understand their target audience. Buyers can tell you the effectiveness of your marketing. AI can help your marketing efforts by:

  • Validating the quality of calls driven by marketing
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how sales is handling your leads
  • Identifying your most motivated prospects
  • Understanding true customer sentiment at scale
  • Optimizing campaigns for quality not just quantity
  • Connecting online and offline behaviors

AI vs. Machine Learning: How Do Marketers Use Them to Increase ROI?

In this post Alain reveals how AI-powered conversation analytics can analyze phone conversations at scale. Implemented correctly, this channel is ripe for actionable insights. As Alain explains, “companies can ensure their marketers are driving high-quality leads, their sales staff is closing them at a high rate, and their customer service department is retaining these customers.”

Alain Stephan discusses how clarity, commitment and alignment leads to successful account management.

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Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.