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Marketing AI Profile: Allie K. Miller

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Lead Product Manager

IBM Watson

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Ms. Miller is a Lead Product Manager at IBM Watson in San Francisco and has worked in three of the most critical areas of AI—conversational, computer vision and data. She works with Fortune 500 clients, developers and designers to produce IBM’s computer vision technology—including image recognition and face recognition—and multi-modal AI data strategy. Allie has consulted in AI for the nation’s top VC firms, addressed the European Commission and has spoken at technology companies and conferences across the world.

Allie possesses a solid background in artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, technology, cognitive science, analytics, product and user experience, marketing, and consumer insights.

Previously, Allie served as the Head of Product at a Harvard-based health technology start-up, managing everything from explosive user growth to product development. Earlier, Allie led the marketing campaigns and growing the businesses of travel, entertainment, health, and financial clients (including Carnival Cruise Lines and CDC). 

The Wharton School, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Certificate of General Management, Summer Institute for General Management

BA Cognitive Science

“AI is highly technical, but it’s also immensely humanistic. AI could deepen what it means to be human.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – When the Conference Is Over: A No-Nonsense Guide to Implementing AI

Allie Miller has built and implemented AI solutions with over 150 clients across nine industries. Through these experiences, she has created an actionable AI guidebook: the 8 essential steps to any successful AI project. Whether you’re devising a computer vision strategy for user-generated content or leveraging natural language processing to extract meaning from social media, this session is the place to start.

During this talk, you will learn the quick version of her guide:

  • 3 steps to picking and designing the right AI project for your company
  • 3 steps to executing and testing your AI work
  • 2 steps to measuring and enhancing your AI workflows

Recent Events

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Allie K. Miller discusses the future of computer vision.

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