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Marketing AI Profile: Carl Schmidt

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Mr. Schmidt displays a knack for inspiring confidence, staying cool under pressure, and generally getting great results with his open, honest approach. He has been building software professionally since age 17 and has a keen interest in high-volume, user-facing web applications and large-scale business systems.

Carl’s specialties include agile methods, software project management, load testing, clustering and multicast communication, Enterprise Java, packaged accounting software and ERP integration, payment systems, online marketing tools, database software, and cloud computing.

Simon Fraser University, B.Sc., Business, Computing Science

“Marketers are just starting to wake up to what they can do with AI.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – How Marketers Can Overcome the Barriers, Shift Cultures and Earn a Competitive Edge Using AI

Very soon, AI will become one of the most powerful, yet underused levers for driving revenue growth from marketing campaigns. Marketing executives who move quickly to adopt AI will win. Those who are slow to adopt marketing AI will lose.

Today, we know that AI will be critical to your marketing team’s success but there continues to be an overwhelming number of unanswered questions — what can we do now to get started on a strategy leveraging the power of AI technology (if we haven’t already)?

This session will cover the major findings from a study conducted by Unbounce examining the attitudes and behaviors of 300 digital marketers across North America on the topic of AI adoption. Discover how innovative digital marketers can adopt artificial intelligence technology to drive better results and earn a competitive edge.

Find out the reasons many marketers have yet to adopt AI (and how to overcome these challenges), and see what practical strategies marketing leaders can use to integrate AI tools and platforms into their business.

Recent Events

Call To Action Conference  2018

AceTech 2018

Carl Schmidt on AI Marketing

C-Level Leaders Offer Predictions For 2019

Carl explains how he anticipates AI-powered marketing attribution tools gaining traction in 2019. Businesses are still piecing together data points from different platforms. Many are still struggling to understand the full path to purchase. Which marketing channels are driving revenue? What kinds of content help retain customers and at which stage of the customer journey? Where are customers falling out of the funnel?

AI can follow that customer journey and identify when a customer comes to a company’s site and leaves without converting. Businesses that adopt AI-powered attribution tools will have a leg up on the competition this year.

Machine Learning Could Soon Determine Everything About Creating Webpages, Says Unbounce

Carl Schmidt, Co-founder of Unbounce, explains how machines are getting increasingly sophisticated, thanks in part to machine learning. To stay relevant he believes companies (including his own) need to embrace AI, or risk becoming irrelevant.

Carl Schmidt and the future of online marketing.

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