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Marketing AI Profile: Charlie Oliver

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Charlie’s years of experience in the trenches of old media include working in advertising in New York at such media goliaths as BBDO Worldwide and Condé Nast, to producing sitcoms and dramas at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks.

Founding Served Fresh Media™ (a New York-based company that provides digital media strategy, product development, and branding across platforms including social media, mobile, and live-events) was a natural next step in her evolution. At Served Fresh Media, Charlie and her team provide digital strategy, senior management advisory, team building and training, strategic partnerships, and product development for companies. Clients Served Fresh Media has worked with include IBM, New York Press Club, Digital Media Wire, Digital Flash, and It’s About Time, among others.

Charlie launched Tech2025 to educate entrepreneurs and consumers on the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies that are expected to drastically change our world in the next decade (AI, machine learning, driverless vehicles, IoT, blockchain, VR, etc.), through live-events and interactive workshops with industry experts.

“We’ve become obsessed with trying to figure out how to develop AI with empathy when we should be addressing human empathy in the workplace alongside tackling AI empathy.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – The Agile Approach to Marketing AI

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize a marketing department and deliver double-digit improvements across every aspect of the customer journey, from first touch through conversion and retention. But going beyond simple chatbot apps requires a significant implementation, a commitment to deep learning, and a massive data overhaul.

Delivering meaningful results often comes with incremental improvements. Sudden changes and missteps, or worse underestimating the difficulties of implementing marketing AI, can sink your effort. Taking an ongoing flexible learning and development approach to your marketing AI implementation– as embodied by Agile principles — can help you successfully evolve and become a machine learning brand.

Recent Events

Tech2025: Mission AI Workshop

4As CreateTech 2019

Tech2025 Ep.1: Explain it Like I’m 5 – What the Heck is AI, Machine Learning, NLP & Deep Learning

In this podcast Charlie and Kathryn Hume, VP Product & Strategy for, explain in simple and concise terms the concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning.

Podcast: Mission AI – Giving a Global Voice to the AI Discussion with Charlie Oliver and Randi Williams

Charlie Oliver provides an overview of how TECH 2025 has introduced AI research at live events and beyond.

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