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Marketing AI Profile: Dan Mallin

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Founder and CEO


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Mr Mallin is a force in technology-based entrepreneurship, creating transformative tools that serve the needs of Fortune 1000’s and the agencies that serve them. Working with business partner Scott Litman, he’s repeatedly broken new ground in the digital marketing services space.

Together, the two have grown and sold four businesses and built forward-thinking ad tech platforms that are still used daily by some of the world’s largest brands, agencies and media firms.

Dan helps companies leverage marketing and technology to provide competitive differentiation and engagement for outcomes. Decades of experience amplify his character as a results-focused business leader–where outcomes matter more than the process or technology.

University of Minnesota- Carlson School of Management, MBA

Drake University, BS/BA, Management/Computer Information Systems

“If your competition is doing it and you’re not, then they’ll be able to move faster, market faster, may react to whatever you’re doing, understand things and deliver in a superior way.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Intelligence On Call: How AI Powers Access to Unstructured Marketing Data

Learn how AI technology is bringing previously unthinkable levels of efficiency by processing unstructured data at levels where the machine can read and remember in hours what no human team could accomplish in years. Find out how business is leveraging AI tools to ask questions of those reports, strategy decks, RFP responses, plans and research documents across their organization—and instantly getting an answer within the source document where it lives.

Recent Events

Convergence Summit 2018


Dan Mallin on AI Marketing

How marketers can deliver remarkable impact through product innovation with AI.

This podcast explores the daily challenges that business faces analyzing and reporting on market data. It looks at how to drive segmentation and positioning decisions with product innovation. Also, how artificial intelligence technology can exponentially speed up the and reveal new actionable insights.

3 Ways Marketers are Using AI Today and How They Might Use it Tomorrow

Artificial intelligence has move from Hollywood fiction to every-day reality. Although AI in marketing has a long way to go, it’s already making a significant impact; from increasing efficiency to driving conversion and improving the customer experience. Machine learning algorithms use big data to provide consumers with a highly personalized experience. This post shows a few example of marketing AI in action.

How a marketing AI assistant could help business access information and make better decisions.
AI In Marketing: Separating fact from fiction.

Innovations in cognitive platforms are shaking up the entire industry. These solutions enable teams to work faster, more efficiently and with fewer resources. Along with some amazing capabilities comes the inevitable hype that goes with a new trend. Dan Mallin explains how marketers can separate fact from fiction in this new frontier of marketing technology, and what AI can do and should be expected to do.

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