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Marketing AI Profile: Diego Páramo Atalaya

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Diego Páramo is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice resident of EPICA, an artificial intelligence startup that focuses on prediction as a service. Páramo oversees EPICA’s global and regional sales. He is involved in product definition, sales strategy, communication and the go-to-market teams for all products. In 2018, he led a project with Coca-Cola Mexico, using data analysis to predict the results of different matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Before joining EPICA, Páramo was Industry Head and Senior Sales Consultant at Google in LATAM, where he served as an authorized event speaker, as well as a media spokesman for six years. He served as the B2B Marketing Manager at Carvajal, and worked in business intelligence in the logistics and pharmaceutical divisions at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer. 

Universidad de Los Andes, MBA, Marketing

Universidad de La Sabana, BS, Industrial Engineering

“The future of Ai is uncertain in many ways, but there are significant advancements.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – The Agile Approach to Marketing AI

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize a marketing department and deliver double-digit improvements across every aspect of the customer journey, from first touch through conversion and retention. But going beyond simple chatbot apps requires a significant implementation, a commitment to deep learning, and a massive data overhaul.

Delivering meaningful results often comes with incremental improvements. Underestimating the difficulties of implementing marketing AI can sink your effort. Taking an ongoing flexible learning and development approach to your marketing AI implementation– as embodied by Agile principles — can help you successfully evolve and become a machine learning brand.

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Unbound Miami 2018


Diego Páramo Atalaya on AI Marketing

Intuitive AI Knows What You’ll Choose Before You’ve Thought of It

In this post, Diego discusses the Neu Cube, a machine learning system designed to learn about human brains, its functions and how it works. Developed at the Auckland University of Technology, this device shows great promise for marketers. Experts believe the technology would help brands discover greater insight into their customers that could help create more effective marketing campaigns.

Five Significant Differences Between General and Narrow Artificial Intelligence (AI) That You Should Know

There is no shortage of use cases when it comes to artificial intelligence in marketing and other areas. AI can be divided into two major disciplines: general and narrow. General AI is primarily driven by scientists interested in learning, reasoning and understanding. General AI can be applied in numerous circumstances and is what most consider to be the future of artificial intelligence. Narrow AI is industry-driven and focused on practical outcomes. The goal is to do just one thing, but do it well. It’s what most people in the AI field have been working on for decades now.

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