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Marketing AI Profile: Duane Forrester

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Mr. Forrester has over 20 years of direct search and digital marketing experience, including content development, planning ad campaigns, managing ad buys, running e-mail and social media programs and more. He is the author of How To Make Money With Your Blog and Turn Clicks Into Customers, through McGraw-Hill.

Past work includes almost 10 years with Microsoft and Bing where he helped run their Webmaster Tools program, as well as the SEO program at MSN. In between the bookends of Yext and Bing, Duane ran operations for Bruce Clay, Inc., one of the oldest names in digital marketing.

He has written for numerous publications including Duct Tape Marketing, Forbes, WeWork, Search Engine Land and Entrepreneur, and has been featured in the New York Times. Duane also presents multiple keynotes each year at numerous digital marketing conferences.

Cape Breton University, Hospitality

“As complex as the principles and operations of AI are, the choice to adapt is simple. You either dig in, get aligned with new ways of doing things, or you skip the moment and hope you’ll be okay. “

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

How Machine Learning is Changing the Landscape of Search, Discovery and Engagement

Today’s consumers have more choices than ever and are less brand loyal than at any point in history. We’ll examine pivotal inflection points driven by consumers that influence search and data discovery. These directly affect what search engines rank and show in results, so you need to know what you can control and influence. Data about your business, products, and services remains one key area under-explored by most businesses. Digital knowledge management is proving to have a deep impact on consumer engagement, revenue, and business success.

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Show notes from Connecting Content to Fulfill the User Journey.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2018

State of Search Conference 2018

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Turn Clicks Into Customers: Proven Marketing Techniques for Converting Online Traffic into Revenue

Discover the best practices on both a local and global level to reach more paying customers than ever. Use strategies such as e-mail, online searches, internet advertising, webinars, videos, and social networking.

How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Your Blog

Follow this step-by-step blogging process and learn how to generate income using various types of ads and maximize searches for more hits and money.

Duane Forrester on AI Marketing

Voice search: Content may be king, but context is queen in the new voice-first world

How voice search changes everything – what marketers can do to adapt and compete.

3 Ways Marketers are Using AI Today and How They Might Use it Tomorrow

Search today involves personalization, voice, location, context, and usefulness. AI plays a critical role ensuring the most appropriate content is surfaced – specially for those using voice and visual search.

How to create a successful voice search strategy and brand persona to capture the customer journey.
Augmented reality, voice search, and how to win.
Discover why AI’s  best use is answering questions we haven’t thought to ask.

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Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.