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Marketing AI Profile: Ellie Mirman

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Ms. Mirman is a hands-on marketing leader with a track record of launching successful marketing programs. Her experience ranges from lead generation and marketing automation to product marketing and customer development. Ellie loves working at the intersection of marketing, sales and product, and building marketing from startup to scale-up. 

Previously VP of marketing at Toast, she built and led the marketing function across demand-gen, content marketing, product marketing, branding and customer advocacy. During its growth from 100 customers to IPO, Ellie held multiple marketing leadership positions at HubSpot.  

McGill University, BA World Religions

“By incorporating AI into our marketing, we have the opportunity to free up that expensive, intelligent, creative resource that is a marketer to do higher value work. “

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019– How to Build a Competitive Intelligence Strategy

Companies have traditionally lacked a good way to get insight into their markets. They’ve relied on research firms and internal teams to gather competitive intelligence manually, despite the time-consuming effort that left little time to analyze and act on that research.

The explosion of online data combined with AI-powered technology paves the way to gather competitive intelligence programmatically and help companies extract actionable insights in ways that were previously impossible. This session will dive into the actionable insights you can gather using competitive intelligence technology and how to establish an impactful CI program for your business.

Recent Events

Engage Conference 2019

Call to Action Conference 2018

Ellie Mirman on AI Marketing

Robots Are Our Friends — How Artificial Intelligence Is Leveling-Up Marketing

In this article for, Ellie Mirman explains how artificial intelligence is removing the drudgery from our jobs and improving life in the workplace. AI does the jobs we either can’t or don’t want to do while augmenting tasks in which we are already engaged. As a result, marketers are afforded the opportunity to engage in higher-value work.

How to Decode Your Competitor’s Strategy with Predictive Intelligence

There are signals hidden in plain sight that can help unveil your competitors’ investment. The key is in knowing where to look. This post reveals four different places to get this information – content and social media posts, job postings, website A/B tests, and subtle site-wide changes.

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Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.