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Marketing AI Profile: Greg Kihlström

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Mr. Kilström is an award-winning digital strategist, creative director, author, and speaker. He has worked with brands such as AARP, AOL, Booz Allen Hamilton, Choice Hotels, GEICO, Howard University, Marriott, MTV, The Nature Conservancy, Porsche, Toyota, and the United Nations.

Greg’s work has won awards from the ADDYs, Webbys, and been featured in books by HarperCollins and Rockport Press.

He is a regular contributing writer to Forbes, and has been featured in Advertising Age, Website Magazine, iMedia Connection, and The Washington Post. He’s spoken at industry events around the world including Internet Week New York, Internet Summit, EventTech, SMX Social Media, Social Media Week, and Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, among others.

Andrews University, B.A., Digital Media & Photography

“Successful marketers will embrace their central role in taking the best data and insights and turning them into successful strategies,”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – The Agile Approach to Marketing AI

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize a marketing department and deliver double-digit improvements across every aspect of the customer journey, from first touch through conversion and retention. But going beyond simple chatbot apps requires a significant implementation, a commitment to deep learning, and a massive data overhaul. Is your brand ready? Underestimating the difficulties of implementing marketing AI, can sink your effort. Instead, take an ongoing flexible learning and development approach to your marketing AI implementation. It can help you successfully evolve to become a machine learning brand.

Recent Events

Advertising Week DC 2018

Motionsoft Technology Summit

Books by Greg Kihlström

The Agile Brand

Brands have evolved over several centuries from simple tools for recognition to something much more nuanced and sophisticated in the modern age. Being an agile brand means taking part in a relationship with consumers. This book follows the story of branding from its beginnings to the authentic relationship with brands that modern consumers want.

Ever Seeking: A History & Future of Search

Starting from the origins of the classification of information, to early Web-based search engines, and finishing with predictions about the future, this ebook discusses search and its impact on marketers and society. There is no doubt that search and the global access to information it allows has changed humanity. With search engines, voice assistants, mobile devices and other interfaces at the ready, we now have the answer to just about any question within a few moments’ effort.

Greg Kihlström on AI Marketing

How to Choose The Right Metrics to Measure Your Customer Experience

In this post, Greg explores four main objectives for your customer experience measurement metrics: check that they align with business performance measurements, quantify the quality of customer interactions, make sure customer experience measurements provide actionable insights, iterate and optimize over time.

Human-Computer Integration and The Foundations of An Agile Future

Artificial intelligence means that GIGO (garbage in garbage out) will be less prevalent once the systems are better able to assess when that first “garbage” exist. Computers will better understand and adapt enough to take “garbage” questions and turn them into something which will yield the intended result, and eventually determine when the premise of the question or query is faulty. 

The Agile Brand

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Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.