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Marketing AI Profile: Jessica J. Miller

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PR 20/20

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Ms. Miller has over 10 years experience in marketing and communications, having consulted for hundreds of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Jessica is also a curriculum designer and instructor for the Marketing Agency Academy, powered by Marketing Agency Insider. She has served on the associate board of Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) for 5+ years.

PR pro turned inbound, Jessica specializes in driving campaign strategy, analytics and results—through web development, search, content, social media, lead nurturing, marketing and sales alignment, and public relations.

Her experiences focus on integrated communications planning, execution, and evaluation. She enjoys working with new media and technology, and often integrate interactive or visual communication into overall messaging. Jessica is a technical writer, strategic and creative thinker, and always a team player.

Ohio University, B.S., Journalism, Public Relations

“Focus on producing high-quality content, and content that resonates when it matters most—across the customer journey.”

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MAICON 2019 – How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Firm’s Operations, Talent and Services

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Jessica J. Miller on AI Marketing

How to Map Strategic Content Across the Customer Journey

Apply the persona / sale cycle strategy to your own content marketing efforts. List personas along the first column. Once you have the typical stages of the customer journey, examine existing content and map the matrix. Once that’s mapped, you’ll discover it’s easier to find gaps and prioritize content production. Make sure each specific piece of content will cater best to the customer experience.

The Power to Look Beyond: Change Agents Bring the Future to Life

A change agent is someone who looks beyond, brings vision to life, and successfully champions ideas forward. The challenge is to stop operating like efficient, fine-tuned machines that have lost the creative ability to think beyond. To become a change agent you must give yourself permission to change, make the world your classroom, and take action to make things happen.

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