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Marketing AI Profile: Katie Robbert

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Co-Founder and CEO

Trust Insights

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Ms. Robbert is an authority on compliance, governance, change management, agile methodologies and dealing with high-stakes, “no mistakes” data. Katie’s expertise includes strategic planning, marketing operations management, organizational behavior and market research and analysis. Prior to co-founding Trust Insights, she built and grew multi-million dollar lines of business in the marketing technology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Robbert led teams of Microsoft Partner Software Engineers to build industry-leading research software to address and mitigate pharmaceutical abuse. Robbert is a Google Analytics Certified Professional, a Google AdWords Certified Professional, a Google Digital Sales Certified Professional and holds a Master of Science degree in Marketing and Technological Innovation.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Marketing & Technological Innovations

Fitchburg State College, B.S., Communications

“The biggest danger for marketers is having someone build or analyze any kind of predictive model without domain expertise.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Marketing executives of all stripes now incorporate multiple inbound and outbound digital channels, from social to SEO to email to ads as part of their digital marketing mix. What’s more, marketing is one of the richest troves of data available to marketers, replete with real language, preferences, and information about the audience. In this session:

  • Learn what predictive analytics is.
  • See why predictive analytics is important to digital marketers.
  • Discover how to get started with predictive analytics.

Recent Events

Hello Conference 2019

Inbound 2018

Katie Robbert on AI Marketing

Powering Customer Experience with Predictive Analytics – Introduction

A well-designed customer experience makes it easier to attract and keep new business. In this regard, predictive analytics can help create effective marketing plans that are data-based and objective. Getting started requires a solid understanding of the customer journey so you can determine the best way to reach your audience at each stage.

Marketing Insights Q&A: How Will AI change social media?

Although there is no guarantee, we can expect AI to help us get more work done faster, with higher quality, and less repetition (since machine learning will alleviate common redundancies. Moving forward, business will need still need to design campaigns as the technology still lacks empathy, judgement and cultural understanding.

Katie Robbert walks content marketers through the power of predictive analytics and its application to the customer journey. Learn what predictive analytics is and isn’t, and how to apply it to your marketing efforts.

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