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Marketing AI Profile: Mark Kirschner

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Mr. Kirschner brings proven marketing leadership and innovation with extensive experience as a top executive at notable marketing technology industry leaders. He has built successful marketing and product management teams for start-ups as well as new ventures within large companies.

Mark is intensely focused on customer experience and maximizing ROI from marketing programs/product roadmap.

Most recently, he served as CMO at The Trade Desk, a programmatic demand side platform. Prior to that, he was CMO at eBay Enterprise, a global provider of marketing technology and agency services, where he led the marketing strategy and execution of eBay’s B2B marketing and ecommerce technology, including the Magento business.

Kirschner was also Executive Officer for Global Marketing and Communications across 13 countries at Rakuten Inc, where he was promoted from leading global marketing, product management and public relations as CMO of Rakuten LinkShare, a performance marketing company.

Brown University

“The ever-present pressure to provide consumers with increasingly personalized messaging has made cutting-edge AI marketing tools all but essential.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Case Study: How The Natori Company Uses AI to Power Audience Targeting and Media Buying

Recent Events

Latam Retail Congresshop 2018

Brand Innovators Summit 2018

Mark Kirschner on AI Marketing

Marketers Need AI to Keep Up with Consumers

Brands and agencies are quickly realizing that AI has redefined the realm of the possible when it comes to personalizing the customer journey. Consumers benefit from the kind of hyper-personalized experiences that machine learning can create. So do marketers, when they serve the right content at the right.

Even more remarkable is AI’s ability to break down longstanding departmental silos and drive omnichannel campaigns, aggregating customer data from countless channels spanning the entire digital world. No doubt, AI is the future of cross-channel marketing orchestration.

Mark Kirschner discusses the artificial intelligence marketing revolution.

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