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Marketing AI Profile: Mike Kaput

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Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

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Mr. Kaput is the Director of the Marketing AI Institute (MAII). This content hub connects marketers with actionable information on how to embrace artificial intelligence as it transforms their campaigns and careers. In this position he is responsible for audience growth, creating beneficial partnerships, and promoting MAII products and services.

Mike is a marketer, author, strategist and former Egypt expat who is passionate about AI’s potential to reform marketing. In 2015, Mike became intrigued by how artificial intelligence could shape future marketing efforts and the careers of content marketers. Today, Mike helps marketing and business leaders better understand how AI can become a competitive advantage.

Denison University, Political Science, Arabic & English Literature

“The marketing industry is approaching an inflection point. AI has massive potential to make our lives and businesses more successful. It also has the potential to create big winners and big losers in the economy.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Career in the Age of AI

AI is changing how marketers work, the type of work they do, and how they train for that work. Artificial intelligence will make some marketing roles obsolete, alter others, and create entirely new ones. In the process, it will open up enormous opportunities for forward-thinking marketers who are prepared for the coming disruption.

In this highly actionable session, Marketing AI Institute Director Mike Kaput outlines the steps marketers need to take to both survive and thrive as AI is increasingly adopted across marketing organizations. In the process, he’ll share the hard-won tips from his own career reinventions over the past decade—from journalist to marketer and marketer to AI-powered marketing technologist.

Books by Mike Kaput

Bitcoin in Plain English: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Buy It

The subject of Bitcoin doesn’t have to be complex. This book has everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Forget all the jargon and technical details. This guide provides clear, concise, and actionable information to get started quickly with Bitcoin.

Mike Kaput on AI Marketing

Over the past three years, he’s written 150+ articles on the subject for the Marketing AI Institute, an organization that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers. Here are some of his thoughts on artificial intelligence in marketing.

6 Limitations of AI in Marketing That You Need to Know Before You Buy

With so much hype about AI, it’s easy to think that the sky is the limit. Although artificial intelligence is impressive, there are constraints that you should be aware before implementing AI-based solutions. For this article, Mike interviewed six marketing AI experts to get their perspective on AI’s capabilities as it exists today.

5 Ways to Get Started with Marketing AI Today

Having spent years experimenting with artificial intelligence tools and discussing with vendors what’s possible with AI, Mike is in a good position to help those looking to explore the role artificial intelligence in marketing. Read this post to discover:

  • What material you should read
  • Which case studies you should review
  • Why it’s best to rely on many different experts

12 Artificial Intelligence Articles Every Marketer Should Read

There’s no shortage of information on the role of artificial intelligence in content marketing. That’s the problem – not to mention that the information is frequently of low quality. This post is a curation of 12 important articles grouped into three categories:

  • What is artificial intelligence? Why does it matter?
  • Common AI misconceptions
  • How to start using AI in marketing and business

Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality

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