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Marketing AI Profile: Nick Edouard

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President and Chief Product Officer


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Nick Edouard is Co-founder, President and Chief Product Officer of PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ). Edouard has previously founded or led several high-growth technology companies in Canada, the US and the UK, including Broadreach Networks (acquired by QinetiQ) and Macropolitan (acquired by Arqiva).

He was most recently President, North America of Nomad Digital, the leading global provider of connectivity solutions to the transportation sector. A frequent speaker at conferences and events, Edouard holds a Master of Arts (Hons) degree in Classics & Philosophy from Trinity College, University of Oxford. He’s still figuring out what to do with it.

University of Oxford, MA, Literae Humaniores

“[Consumers] want a buying experience that is less like leafing through an encyclopedia and more like asking Alexa. “

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Should AI Enable You or Your Buyers?

B2B marketers are pondering how artificial intelligence and machine learning might make their jobs faster, easier, and more effective. But what if we’ve been looking at it the wrong way? As B2B buyers start to look more like consumers and increasingly self-direct their own buying processes, marketers and salespeople struggle to keep up despite the proliferation of new technology and tactics. Buyers still can’t find the information they need most, when they need it – leading to a poor customer experience.

If marketing truly exists to help consumers buy, why don’t we apply AI to the serve the customer, rather than marketers and salespeople? Join this session to learn how B2B buyers are changing, why buyer enablement is more important than ever in an era of the self-directed customer journey, and how AI is the only way marketers can achieve hyper-personalized, one-to-one marketing campaigns at scale.

Recent Events

Startup Carnival 2018

Intelligent Content Conference 2017

Nick Edouard on AI Marketing

Creating Frictionless Content Experiences with PathFactory

Consuming content should be a frictionless experience. Consumers should be able to define their own customer journey as they educate themselves on your product or service. In this episode, Nick Edouard talks about how PathFactory is eliminating some of this friction through the use of their platform which uses AI to recommend new content, provides actionable insights into top-performing content and engagement, and creates a better customer experience.

Finally, The First Content Insight and Activation Engine for B2B Marketing

Data-driven content insight and activation engines can be found in virtually every industry, such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon. What’s important is the ability to analyze that data in ways that generate actionable insights about individual visitors, as well as all visitors in aggregate. In real time. At scale.

Nick Edouard sits down at theCUBE at Oracle Modern Customer Experience.

In this Enterprise Marketer podcast, Nick Edouard, discusses the need for triggering content assets that are part of a customer journey. The idea is to drive customer interactions and their bingeing habits to give them more control over the journey.

Listen to “Nick Edouard on the State of Content Marketing Software” on Spreaker.

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