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Marketing AI Profile: Pam Didner

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B2B and Tech Consultant and Author

Global Content Marketing and Effective Sales Enablement

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Ms. Didner advises companies including Intel, 3m, Sunstar, Insitu and Cisco. Prior to this, she was Global Integrated Marketing Strategist at Intel, leading their product launches and worldwide marketing campaigns. Pam exhibits a deep understanding of how multi-national enterprises function, especially when it comes to managing the intricacies among business units, headquarters and various geographical regions.

Pam has a sound grasp of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, and Machine Learning. She shares her thoughts on the intersection of technology and marketing on her personal blog and contributes to the Guardian, the Huffington Post, and Content Marketing Institute.

Pam’s familiarity with information technology, manufacturing, hardware, software and SaaS industries help B2B sales and marketing teams excel. She exhibits a firm grasp of sales technology and martech trends.With experience in content and editorial, messaging and positioning, she helps align sales and marketing teams.

In addition, she has experience in digital, SEO, and paid media, purchase funnel, customer journeys and sales stages. Her skill set includes strategic planning (the ability to lead a team and guide sales campaigns) and coaching (marketing and sales enablement strategy sessions).

University of Kentucky, B.A., Finance

Gies College of Business – University of Illinois, MBA / CPA, Finance & Accounting

“As AI’s utility continues to grow, we, as marketers, should also continue to learn and develop new skillsets to take advantage of new marketing fields as they emerge.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing + Email 101

AI can help brands create, promote, and optimize their content and email marketing at scale. But finding the right tools and strategies to get started can be challenging. This workshop shows you exactly how to start using AI in your content and email programs. The result? A potentially insurmountable advantage over competitors still creating content and email campaigns in a completely manual fashion.

  • Create intelligent content and email strategies that target the right people, talk about the right topics, and get audiences to take action.
  • Augment your current content and email production teams with robust AI tools, so they can produce better assets in less time.
  • Scale your content and email marketing programs by using AI to create, test, and optimize.

Recent Events

Content Marketing World Conference And Expo 2017

Intelligent Content Conference

Books by Pam Didner

Effective Sales Enablement: Achieve sales growth through collaborative sales and marketing.

Marketing enables sales in a multitude of ways going beyond lead generation. This book gives marketing managers a number of ideas on how to better support the sales team. Likewise it helps sales teams better understand what marketing can do to help sales.

Global Content Marketing: How to Create Great Content, Reach More Customers, and Build a Worldwide Marketing Strategy that Works

The digital marketing landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation. On the web there are no borders. Technology has changed the way we reach out and interact with customers and how they search for content. This book shows content strategists how to create new strategies and refine existing ones to adjust for this new paradigm.

Pam Didner on AI Marketing

Humans vs. Machines. Is content marketing doomed?

Pam Didner doesn’t think so. At least not yet. She believes that ” in the near future, AI-based marketing tools will focus on specific tasks of sales and marketing to make marketers’ lives easier.” That still leaves a lot of room for humans to add-value to the process.

For the foreseeable future, humans will still be required to envision the process, ensure quality standard are met, and connect different tools together. As AI marketing matures, content marketers need to continually develop new skillsets to match the remaking of marketing.

3 Ways Marketers are Using AI Today and How They Might Use it Tomorrow

Artificial intelligence has move from Hollywood fiction to every-day reality. Although AI in marketing has a long way to go, it’s already making a significant impact; from increasing efficiency to driving conversion and improving the customer experience. Machine learning algorithms use big data to provide consumers with a highly personalized experience. This post shows a few example of marketing AI in action.

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Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.