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Marketing AI Profile: Parry Malm

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Mr. Malm is CEO of Phrasee, the artificial intelligence software that writes better subject lines than humans. He won the “UK Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2016. Parry has worked with numerous organizations helping them optimize their results online and is considered a leading expert on applying AI to email marketing.

A self-described digital anarchist, Parry has led marketing teams in Amsterdam, London and Vancouver. His career started with a stint coding middleware for CRM software, moving on to send millions of emails for global brands before running marketing strategies and campaigns for an email service provider.

Well known in marketing circles, he was Econsultancy’s #2 guest blogger in 2015 and #1 in 2013. Although he blogs far less these days, he still makes time to teach wayward youths the error of their ways through the magic of interpretive dance.

Maastricht University, Marketing

Simon Fraser University, BBA (1st Class Hons.), Marketing & Mgmt Science

University of Victoria, Computer Science

“We’re super stoked about our AI ethics policy. Our fundamental belief is that we as business owners, and our customers as marketers, bear a moral responsibility to ensure that we are using advanced technology for good.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Personalize and Optimize Your Email Marketing for Success with AI

MAICON 2019 – Emotions Matter… More Tan You Think

Marketers have a responsibility and moral obligation to do the right thing and not exploit consumers. Leading brands have the ability to use AI solutions to target vulnerable people using negative emotional triggers, but they shouldn’t.

Why? it doesn’t work as well as you think… and it’s not the right thing to do. Phrasee’s CEO Parry Malm will uncover the truth behind “emotional marketing efforts,” and explains why marketers need to take responsibility for how their messaging can negatively – but also positively – affect people.

Recent Events

Festival of Marketing 2018

World Summit AI

The Martech Festival 2017

Parry Malm on Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Why Brands Need to Invest More in Email Marketing

Despite the meteoric growth of social media and messaging platforms, nearly every major brand has an email marketing program. However, the digital marketing landscape is changing and email stand to benefit.

Although competition for audience attention in the email inbox is cut-throat, companies using artificial intelligence can cut through the clutter and stand out from the noise. With email being a preferred channel for most consumers, data-driven AI optimization to improve email marketing programs makes sense.

Optimizing Email Marketing Techniques

In this Q&A with Martech Advisor Contributing Editor Ginger Conlon, Parry discuss the optimization of email open models, AI and its relevance to both email marketing and marketing in general. In addition, he shares solutions for avoiding email clutter.

Phrasee CEO Parry Malm discussed how AI writes better than you.

In this episode of Marketer+Machine encourages listeners to ignore AI hype and focus on providing “exceptional experiences for your customers.” It’s not about the product. You should be ambivalent to artificial intelligence technology but excited about how it can be used to solve problems and improve the customer experience.

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