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Marketing AI Profile: Paul Roetzer

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Founder and CEO

Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

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Mr. Roetzer is founder and CEO of PR 20/20 and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute (MAII). Paul is devoted to educating modern marketers on the present and future potential of artificial intelligence, and connect them with AI-powered technologies that can drive marketing performance and transform their careers.

Paul is also author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint (Wiley, 2014) and The Marketing Agency Blueprint (Wiley, 2012); and the creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON). As a speaker, he’s focused on making artificial intelligence approachable and actionable, and helping change agents drive transformation through marketing talent, technology and strategy.

A graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Roetzer has consulted for hundreds of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Ohio University, BS, Journalism and Public Relations

“The simplest way to understand artificial intelligence is to think about it as a set of technologies and algorithms that are designed to make machines smart, to give them humanlike capabilities.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Become a Marketing AI Pioneer

Artificial intelligence has reached peak hype stage, but is it possible that its potential to transform marketing, and your career, is even greater than advertised? Go beyond the splashy headlines to explore a framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for every marketer. AI can be your competitive advantage. It can give you superpowers. But, you have to know how to get started.

Recent Events

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Content Marketing World Conference And Expo 2017

Intelligent Content Conference

Books by Paul Roetzer

The Marketing Performance Blueprint: Strategies and Technologies to Build and Measure Business Success

The Marketing Performance Blueprint is an actionable and innovative guide to unlocking your potential as a marketer and accelerating success for your business. This book focuses on the processes, technologies, and strategies that are redefining the marketing environment. Step by step, learn to build performance-driven organizations that exceed ROI expectations and outpace the competition.

The Marketing Agency Blueprint: The Handbook for Building Hybrid PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web Firms

This book demonstrates how to generate more qualified leads, win clients with set pricing and service packages, and secure more long-term retainers, develop highly efficient management systems and more effective account teams, and deliver greater results and value to clients.

Paul Roetzer on AI Marketing

What Happens to Marketing When AI Can Write Like Humans?

New research in AI language generation by OpenAI reveals that their model called GPT-2 could be used to create and improve AI writing assistants, intelligent chat bots, speech recognition solutions and language translation.

But, it could also be applied to generate fake content, create impersonations of people online and produce spam campaigns at scale.

The GPT-2 model has such substantial implications for malicious use that OpenAI chose not to release the trained model. The organization’s hope is that by limiting the release they will give the AI community more time to discuss the larger effects of such systems.

9 Ways to Become a Marketing Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

To garner a competitive advantage through AI you need to think strategically and view data as an asset. Become an informed buyer of AI-powered technology and prioritize use cases to pilot. Focus on revenue-boosting use cases over cost-reducing ones. Getting buy-in from stakeholders is easier when you educate and engage management. Train your team and explore AI together.

Transforming B2B content with artificial intelligence.
Marketing artificial intelligence: marketing in the machine age.

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