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Marketing AI Profile: R. J. Talyor

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Founder and CEO


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R. J. Talyor is CEO and Founder of Pattern89, an AI platform for digital ads. A 15-year tech and startup veteran, Talyor led teams at ExactTarget and Salesforce prior to launching Pattern89. Recognized as one of IBJ’s 40 Under 40, Talyor is a father of four, a national-champion swimmer and an amateur birdwatcher.

Purdue University, M.F.A., English

DePauw University, B.A., English

“AI discovers creative direction humans can’t, and it helps make humans smarter! “

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Artificial Intelligence in Advertising 101

AI is transforming how brands buy and place digital ads. In fact, AI tools exist today with the ability to buy and test ads, write copy, and allocate budgets by channel. This workshop provides an understanding of how to use AI solutions to drive efficiency and performance in your marketing efforts.

  • Find out how AI technology is used in advertising today, and how it’s impacting the way brands do business.
  • Learn how you can start preparing your organization and career for AI’s advertising takeover.
  • Discover specific AI tools and vendors you can start using today to supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Recent Events

iConnect 2019

Journey Summit 2017

R. J. Talyor on AI Marketing

Fireside Chat With R. J. Talyor

In this interview, R.J. Taylor discusses how AI helps marketers prioritize what to test, and run thousands of possibilities at the same time to discover what works best for their brand and customer. He goes on to say that Marketers don’t necessarily want to become data scientists. Instead, they want to be able to translate that data into actionable insights.

The Building Blocks of High‑Performing Social Ads

Machine learning can provide brands with valuable insight. Most social channels use machine learning or AI to develop algorithms that reveal ad performance and audience stats. But solutions that combine machine learning/AI and data science to uncover the best elements of an ad can provide more personalized insights. With that information, brands can accelerate iteration and improvement.

R.J. Taylor explains how geofencing and other tools can help you find the right customer signals on social media, and react intelligently.

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