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Marketing AI Profile: Tameka Vasquez

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Associate Director of Marketing / Assistant Professor of Marketing Management

Eigen Technologies / St. John’s University

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Ms. Vasquez is a New York-based marketing and business development strategist with 8+ years experience working for global technology companies, from startups to publicly traded firms, across a wide variety of industries. Tameka’s expertise spans growth strategy, marketing process and automation, lead generation, sales and partner enablement, content marketing and brand identity.

In addition to her work as the Associate Director of Marketing at Eigen Technologies, an international artificial intelligence company, Tameka is a professor of marketing management at St. John’s University. She is a regular guest lecturer at Baruch College, speaking about innovation and civic progressiveness through technology. Vasquez also serves as a strategic advisor to Opus AI, a startup that is focusing on leveraging artificial intelligence to ensure fairness and increase diversity at large organizations.

Columbia University in The City of New York, M.S., Information Strategy, Knowledge Management

City University of New York – Baruch College, B.A., Corporate Communications, Sociology, Management

“For many companies, it’s not the technology that’s holding them back, it’s their current workflow.”

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

MAICON 2019 – Don’t Let Them Scare You, The Future is Marketer + Machine

Marketers continue to gracefully manage the difficult task of finessing consumer influence with an overlay of deep data-driven and timely knowledge. Modern marketers are expected to be some mix of a natural creative, a trends hawk and data scientist. And in a time where virtually every sector is being disrupted and threats of automation are looming, marketers are jumping at opportunities to up-skill themselves. But a machine cannot do what we do. This talk will inspire, motivate and provide considerations for marketers thinking about the future of their function.

Recent Events

Disruptive Technologists Think Tank

Wonder Women Tech

Tameka Vasquez on AI Marketing

The Future of Content: Process, Modularity and AI

As companies look to the future and strategize how to expand audiences for their content, they face some significant challenges. They must determine how best to create and manage rapidly increasing volumes of content, while at the same time delivering that content in context to an ever-widening variety of consumers. To do this you must begin piloting new technology and platforms, strike a balance on content personalization, pursue a complete content-based lifecycle, and appreciate that technology alone isn’t enough.

The Future of Content: How to Satisfy Your Audiences

Capitalizing on access to new potential audiences while continuing to satisfy the needs of your existing content consumers is a challenge that every business faces. To succeed you must make a business case for new content ventures while reassessing current content resources. Offer a variety of content wherever your audience gathers, use personalization to build customer loyalty and encourage customer interactions.

Tameka Vasquez participates in an artificial intelligence panel at Microsoft.

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