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MarketMuse Suite Inventory Insights

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Introducing MarketMuse Suite 2.0

Greater insight into content inventories, streamlined plan building, content brief ordering + distribution and much more. Here’s a taste of some of the treats you can find in the MarketMuse Suite right now!

Introducing Content Inventory Insights

Instantly find the best content opportunities and know how to act on them.

New in-line insights uncover actionable suggestions for creation and optimization opportunities throughout your inventory using a proprietary algorithm, taking into account content score, opportunity, current traffic, and rank.

New! Add Suggestions to Content Plans

Easily take stock of what content is or isn’t working and leverage suggestions for the ideal action to take. Suggestions can be added to content plans to further build your content roadmap.

Enhanced Platform Navigation

We made it a whole lot easier to get around. Now you can access your pages, topics, and tools with the new pop-out sidebar. You’ll get notified when application results are complete and you can tell if they’re still in progress.

Improved Title Search

Remembering a URL is hard. But you can easily find content inventory by title, even if you only know part of it! Now you can run queries in our apps even quicker.

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