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SEO Webinar Series: Which Ones are Worth Watching in 2019

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Trying to find a decent SEO webinar is like finding a needle in a haystack. Run a search and you’ll get thousands of results which are mostly of dubious quality. I managed to track down a handful of video presentations, all from highly regarded experts. These videos cover the gamut of issues –from information architecture to web migration and everything in between.

Since they’re all available on YouTube, you can watch them at your convenience. No signup required.

While you’re at it, take a look at our content strategy videos. MarketMuse teams up with industry leaders each month to bring you new perspectives in the field.

#SEOisAEO: What Does Machine Learning do in AE Today – and What Might it do Tomorrow | Patrick Stox, Jan-Willem Bobbink, Dawn Anderson

In this AI roundtable, Patrick Stox, Jan-Willem Bobbink and Dawn Anderson examine the impact of machine learning on search results and how it will affect search engine optimization in the coming years. This discussion looks at how machine learning is being used in natural language processing, Google’s knowledge graph, crawling, translation, image search, combatting spam, and analyzing links.

Panel Webinar: Enterprise Technical SEO With Tom Anthony, Paul Shapiro, Patrick Stox and Nicholas Chimonas

Technical SEO specialists Tom Anthony of Distilled, Paul Shapiro of Catalyst, and Patrick Stox of IBM set out to address five major concerns of enterprise technical SEO. How do you prioritize and manage technical issues when you have thousands if not millions of pages? How do you plan for the slow implementation cycle frequently associated with enterprise organizations? How do you fight for budget, sell value, and earn priority for SEO in a corporate environment? How do you build interdepartmental collaboration to help technical SEO? What’s the best thing about technical SEO?

Rethinking Information Architecture for SEO and Content Marketing Presented by Joe Hall

In less that 30 minutes, Joe reveals a new approach to information architecture for SEO and Content Marketing. Discover actionable insights you can get from your own data sets.

How to Win SEO in Complex Web Migrations Scenarios – Aleyda Solis

Using real-life examples, SEO consultant and marketing expert Aleyda Solis offers criteria, steps, and tools to successfully migrate complex websites. Wether you’re rebranding a site or consolidating multiple international versions, here are the tips and tricks you need to maximize your efforts.

International SEO at Netflix With Laura Lippay

This in-depth interview with Netflix’s Laura Lippay reveals how the well-known brand tackles international SEO. Some topics discussed include managing SEO across large numbers of sites, keeping updated on the latest SEO best practices, finding reliable SEO information, and Laura’s thoughts on the future of international SEO.

Best Of SEJ Summit: Preventing International SEO Disasters With Bill Hunt

Join Bill and Motoko Hunt in identifying and addressing some of the most common challenges when it comes to SEO on a global scale. Three of the most important takeaways from this presentation are to focus on the searcher, pay attention to detail, and collaborate as a team.

Content Analytics With SEMRush’s Ashley Ward

During this half-hour interview, Ashley discusses a number of topics including the analytics tools people should use, how to measure reach, and where people should go to learn about Analytics.

SearchLeeds 2018 – Kelvin Newman – 3 Ways of Pinching Keyword Insight From Your Competitors

In his presentation at SearchLeeds 2018, Kelvin Newman shows the audience different ways of understanding how your customers are searching the web and what words they use.

5 Ways a Content Audit Can Drive New Traffic, Boost Rankings and Save You Time With Heather Lloyd Martin

Leverage old content. Conduct an audit, looking for opportunities to either create new content or optimize existing pages where appropriate. Look for ways to transform old content by adding additional material like a full transcript for a podcast or video presentation.

3 Ways to Scale Link Building With Custom Search Engines | Robbie Richards

Here’s everything marketers need to now about custom search engines. Learn how to build channels you can repeatedly tap for links. Discover how to attain double-digit conversion rates when conducting link outreach. Find out how to turn blog comments into quality backlinks and referral traffic.

How to Create Content That Brings Traffic, Leads & Sales by Tim Soulo

This presentation by Tim Soulo focuses on four key areas. How content marketing drives growth. How to create epic content. How to get traffic that doesn’t fade. How to get leads and sales.

Structured Data Explained | Search Elite SEO Conference | Fili Wiese

Join ex-Google engineer Fili Wiese to learn all about structured data. Discover what it is, what is does, why you should implement it and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Site Speed: It’s Importance & Impact on SEO With Jon Henshaw | DeepCrawl Marketing Webinar

This nearly one-hour long presentation explains why every business needs to be concerned about site speed and how to improve it. Jon provides some detailed insight that is well-suited for those that now more than the basics of SEO.

Righteous Tips for Building Totally Excellent Local Links – Greg Gifford at BrightonSEO

Greg Gifford explains the nuances of local search. It’s not a difference of scale. Rather, it’s a change in approach to the way SEO is conducted for clients at this level.

Barry Adams (Polemic Digital) – Search in a Screenless World

Barry Adams explores changes in search behaviour, looking at technologies driving screenless searches through voice search and automatic notifications. Discover how search engine marketing will deal with this challenge in reaching an audience.

That’s it for now. Although this list is by no means complete, at some point you have hit “publish.” Otherwise it would remain hidden as a document on my desktop, accessible only to myself. What good would that be?

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.