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The MarketMuse Suite Launch

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You spoke we listened.

In our effort to help organizations create stronger content that ranks better, we carefully listened to the needs of users in our previous platform. The result is a content command center we call the MarketMuse Suite.

Whether you’re an SEO, content strategist, content marketer or editor, there’s a workflow just for you.

SEO’s can measure topical authority and content comprehensiveness at scale. They can plan content to increase organic search traffic and automatically delegate its creation for search engines. Content Briefs ensure every piece of published content is written correctly and has the potential to rank well.

Content strategists can confidently plan with precision. The MarketMuse Suite offers a healthy set of workflow-specific applications that allow you to organize, analyze, create, optimize, and assess best-in-class content on a granular level.

Editors and marketers can ensure all content is created with purpose and potential ROI. Now you’ll know that every piece of content currently in production is the highest priority item. You can objectively measure the quality of what is being published and instantly compare it against the competition.

Want to know more?

Here’s a brief outline of what’s available in the new MarketMuse Suite.

Automated Topic Analysis and Content Inventory

MarketMuse’s Content Inventory solution enables your team to monitor and manage both current and planned content inventory in one place. Finally, you’ll have a single source of truth against which your entire content team can align and execute.

Content Plans

Creating a rigorous content plan has never been easier. Quickly find new content opportunities with qualitative and quantitative competitive gap analysis. Add any item from your inventory to your content plan and take action on high priorities.

Content Briefs

MarketMuse’s AI-powered Content Briefs provide specific, detailed directions so writers can create and optimize content to the highest possible quality. Order briefs to assist and improve the writing process, minimize manual research and ensure that content is well-written on the first draft.


Analyze the competitive landscape for any topic or query and learn how your content compares to the top 20 rankings. Topical heatmaps help visualize how your content compares to the competition. Now you can confirm with conviction the level of content quality you’ll need to rank in search.


Turn average content into high performing masterpieces. MarketMuse’s AI writing assistant improves the breadth and depth of content in real-time as it’s being written. The Optimize application identifies content improvement opportunities for key topics on your site. Find topic gaps across the competition and use the click-and-replace feature to quickly diversify the language and improve its ranking potential.


Stop wasting time sifting through communities, forums, and search engines looking for questions related to your topic. Answer the most relevant questions for your audience with our prioritized list of topic-focused questions.


Show search engines you’re an expert on a given topic by writing in-depth content with the help of MarketMuse. Input your focus topic and thousands of relevant pages are analyzed to discover new topics and subtopics to include in your content. Analyze the distribution of subtopics within your copy to ensure you create the most comprehensive content. Leverage term variants to meet what search engines would expect from a domain expert.


Fortify your topic clusters with the right connections. The Connect app analyzes your site and prioritizes internal links for that topic. Don’t let bad link choices work against you. The Connect app ensures your content’s external links connect to related topics that aren’t competitive.


Create news content that lasts with the Newsroom app. The Newsroom analyzes and dissects the SERP and news results so you know what you need to include to immediately rank in news for the topic.

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.