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Case Study: How MarketMuse Helped a Property Management Company Secure Top Spots in Google

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Marketing agency 41 Orange needed a solution to help its clients gain better organic rankings. Working with many clients in multiple industries, it’s often difficult for agencies to pinpoint the reasons behind poor rankings. It’s challenging to find the right ways to remedy them. A platform like MarketMuse uses artificial intelligence to audit entire sites and individual pages for keyword use and topic coverage, simplifying the process significantly. It allows agencies to focus their energy on execution and strategy.

About Our Client:
41 Orange is an inbound marketing agency based in San Diego. Using a subscription-based business model, they develop integrated campaigns aimed at boosting traffic and conversions, nurturing existing clients, and fueling referrals. Their clients range from recently seeded startups to enterprise brands. So their needs vary widely.

41 Orange was looking for a scalable solution to provide instant insights into their clients’ baseline metrics and provide recommendations. They chose to work with MarketMuse for their clients in need of better organic rankings.

One of 41 Orange’s clients was a residential property management firm based in California. It was showing sub-par organic rankings for their relevant, geo-specific keywords. As they say in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. So these regional terms are important for property management companies.

41 Orange had just signed on to help the company generate more leads through organic search. But they weren’t sure where to start with the existing site and content.

A MarketMuse Site Audit revealed many existing regional landing pages had duplicate content. That made them persona non-grata on SERPs.

In addition, the site just wasn’t ranking highly as a whole for relevant, local keywords. The client had about 10 keywords for which it showed on page one of Google, and many of them were branded terms. No Bueno.

Screenshot of MarketMuse Optimize.

MarketMuse showed pages on the client’s site needed optimization to beat out competitors

How We Helped:
Step one was fixing those landing pages. Having duplicate content on your site will, at best, hurt your rankings. At worst it will get you penalized by Google. They started by tracking their rankings for each keyword. That’s always a good move to make before implementing any changes to your website.

Then, before re-writing the pages, they used MarketMuse Optimize to determine what topics should be mentioned, as well as keywords and keyword variants.

Their content team then re-wrote all regional landing pages, diving deep into the specifics of the service areas. They optimized each page for the specific location keyword + property management.

Step two was creating pieces of epic content – or, as well call it, pillar content – to rank for more competitive terms. Their first piece of epic content was a comprehensive guide on San Diego property management.

Using MarketMuse, they nailed down five main topic categories. They started mapping out important subtopics to mention within the epic piece. Plus, they peppered the guide with effective CTAs to help boost conversions.

The purpose of this piece is both to improve ranking for a highly competitive term, and also to have a piece of content that can serve as an anchor on the site, with internal links in blog posts and landing pages bolstering its strength and authority.

“When we showed our client the results after just the first four weeks he said to us, ‘Wow! Guys, this is awesome. I really didn’t believe that marketing could work for our business, but you’ve completely proven me wrong.’ The results we’ve got using MarketMuse have blown our agency away. We’re now rolling their tool into all our SEO processes.” – Gregg Anderson, founder of 41 Orange.

As we mentioned, prior to 41 Orange’s updates using MarketMuse, the client had about 10 keywords ranking on page one of Google.

Now, they have 94 keywords ranking on page one, most of which are location-based and about a dozen of which had not previously ranked at all. Here are some specific examples:

  • ‘Pacific Beach property management’ went from #80 to #5
  • ‘property management Oceanside’ went up to #1, the first non-branded keyword to break to the top of the first page
  • ‘property management El Cajon’ rose 18 positions to #3
  • ‘North park property management San Diego’ rose to #6 from no ranking
  • ‘San Diego property management companies’ was at 100+ and is now at #22

At the time of writing this case study, their epic post was too new to rank. However, MarketMuse shows it has a content depth score of 53, which is 10 points higher than any of its competitors.

What’s more, in the first 4 weeks they bumped the website’s organic traffic by 72 percent. Over two months, the site’s organic search traffic increased by a total of 87 percent over the previous period.

But here’s the important part: Leads from organic traffic have nearly doubled since April, and 41 Orange is showing an exponential trend of the number of new leads.

Based on the average close rate, this campaign will likely result in $60,000 in new revenue for the client over the next six months with a 400 percent ROI.

Now that 41 Orange has made strides in San Diego rankings, the client is now looking at the opportunity to expand their business into new locations and new product offerings powered by MarketMuse optimization insights.

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If you want to grab your content strategy by the horns and own SERPs for your target topics, get in touch with us today to see how MarketMuse can help you.

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