Rebecca Bakken

Rebecca is an experienced writer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in search engine optimization (SEO), journalism, magazine writing, AP Style, and content marketing. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Content Optimization | Feb 11 2020

How to Tailor Your Content Marketing Strategy to User Intent

Defining concepts like user intent and searcher task accomplishment and providing tips on how to write content that addresses your readers’ questions.
Rebecca Bakken
Content Quality | Feb 10 2020

Is Bad Content Costing Your Company?

The internet has become a deep, nearly unquantifiable cave of content, so to say there’s competition out there is an understatement. In...
Rebecca Bakken
Content Brief | Sep 18 2019

Building a Better Content Brief Using Tech [with Template]

In this post we define content briefs and how to amplify them to ensure that each time, the result is predictable, high-quality,...
Rebecca Bakken
Content Optimization | Apr 29 2019

Content Optimization Software and Tools (2019 Update)

Optimizing your content for search isn't easy, but technology has evolved to meet the demands of marketers who need a scalable content...
Rebecca Bakken
SEO Content Strategy | Apr 09 2019

Topic Modeling for SEO Explained

Search engines like Google have a vested interest in concealing exactly how they rank content. But there’s only so much you can...
Rebecca Bakken
SEO Content Strategy | Aug 09 2018

How AI is Changing SEO and Content Strategy

Online content today is chaos. Shocking and provoking headlines abound in the news, and some content marketers are still living in the...
Rebecca Bakken
Case Studies | Jun 26 2018

Case Study: How SelectHub Used MarketMuse to Establish a Content Strategy

Learn how SelectHub used MarketMuse to develop a content marketing strategy and conquer SERPs.
Rebecca Bakken
Content Optimization | Oct 19 2017

How to Optimize Your Content for Local Searcher Intent

If you have a brick-and-mortar business or only service certain geographical locations, it’s essential to optimize your site for your location.
Rebecca Bakken
Content Inventory | Oct 05 2017

Using A.I. to Conduct a Content Inventory and Audit

Taking inventory of content and performing the necessary updates often falls by the wayside – to the detriment of your content marketing...
Rebecca Bakken
Information Architecture | Oct 03 2017

Jeff Coyle Talks Topical Authority With Enterprise Marketer

MarketMuse Co-Founder Jeff Coyle recently sat down with Enterprise Marketer for a podcast to talk about how marketers can gain topical authority.
Rebecca Bakken
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