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ChatGPT Integration for MarketMuse

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Note that this integration has been deprecated in favor of our new AI assistant in Optimize.

This latest MarketMuse release offers integration with ChatGPT using OpenAI’s API. Now you can have the AI power of MarketMuse combined with the natural language capabilities of ChatGPT. No more switching back and forth between platforms, cutting and pasting data along the way.

Send a prompt to ChatGPT from within the MarketMuse editor. You can even interact with the response, all without leaving MarketMuse. ChatGPT processes prompts in the background so you can work without interruption. It’s a wonderfully efficient workflow!

We’ve added four preset prompts — Ask a Question, Expand a Concept, Create an Outline, and Draft an Article. But of course you can customize them and engage with the responses, as you would on the OpenAI platform.

The ChatGPT integration is available for all paid plans. If you have Admin privileges, you can add your ChatGPT API key (available here) in the platform settings and you’re good to go. Now anyone in your organization with access to MarketMuse can access ChatGPT as well.

Here’s some documentation we’ve put together for you.

ChatGPT Integration and FAQ — Learn the administrative details of integrating ChatGPT with MarketMuse. How to connect or disconnect ChatGPT to MarketMuse, who can use it once connected and more.

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