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ContentTECH Summit and The Technology Experience

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Are you going to this years ContentTECH Summit? Over three days you’ll get a chance to learn how new technologies and innovative processes are changing what work will look like in the next two to five years. With so much to see and do, we decided to highlight the marketing technologies that attendees will get to experience.


The Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform

MarketMuse accelerates content creation, reinventing how marketers improve organic search rankings, drive expertise in their industry and impact revenue. MarketMuse Suite, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform, analyzes millions of articles on demand, uncovering gaps and opportunities to empower marketers to craft high-quality content their audience loves and search engines reward.


The Purpose-Built, Buy-Side Native Advertising Platform with the Scale, Smarts, and Service to Deliver Superior Results.

The smartest native programmatic technology. Bidtellect’s paid content distribution platform gives marketers access to the most sophisticated web-based software. Optimization technology leverages artificial intelligence, predictive modeling and big data to drive the best results. Advertisers can optimize their Native Advertising and Content Distribution campaigns against a wide variety of objectives.


Content Intelligence Platform

Vennli is a content intelligence, customer choice visualization, and analytics platform. We gather real-time insights about what’s most important to customers and why they choose you vs. your competition. Then we visualize data in an intuitive way that quickly leads to content aligned with customer needs.


Content That Performs

Award-winning visual and interactive content solutions that better attract, convert, and retain your audience. The ScribbleLive content cloud enables end-to-end production of high-performing visual, video, and interactive content. Using predictive market intelligence, it helps inform content strategy and customer interactions.


Content Marketing Artificial Intelligence

CONCURED provides you with the content engagement sweet spot telling you exactly what to write about that will cut through the noise, fill your knowledge gaps, resonate with your audience and increase ROI whilst reducing costly waste.


Rank Tracker, Keyword Explorer and More

Senuto lets you plan, monitor, and optimize marketing activities in Google. Track your positions in Search Engine Result Pages for chosen keywords every day. Keep track of your competitors in Google. Six modules and 30+ tools for complex SEO.


The Funnel Amplification Solution for Sales and Marketing

FunnelAmplified takes the stress of content creation and lead-generation off of the sales people’s shoulders and allows them to focus on selling. It takes the stress of brand expansion and social amplification off of the marketers’ shoulders and allows them to focus on producing quality campaigns that generate demand and profitability. 


The Leader in Digital Asset Management Solutions

Canto digital asset management empowers you to organize, find and share brand assets. Organize your entire catalog of images, videos, documents and presentations in a central library for easy retrieval and sharing. With everything in its right place, your projects will run smoothly. Build your campaigns and we’ll handle everything else.


Unify Your Content Marketing

Contentools helps keep track of your content marketing and never miss a deadline again. Forget email threads, spreadsheets, and lack of data. Centralize your planning and streamline collaboration so that everything you plan, happens. Make sure you know you are reaching your marketing goals as you plan, create, publish and analyze all your content in only one place.


Marketing Productivity and Digital Asset Management

Aprimo is your experience command center. It provides content, operations, and performance solutions that enable you to optimize brand experiences and the resources you use to deliver them. Aprimo gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.


Content Marketing Personalization Platform and Software

Individualize your content experience. OneSpot’s Individualization Platform enables brands to deliver relevant content, drive engagement and deepen relationships. The platform builds interest profiles for every person, whether new or returning, and enables your brand to deliver individualized content to 100% of your visitors and email subscribers.


Voice, SMS and Live Chat for Sales and Support

Never miss an opportunity to delight your customers. PingPilot empowers your customers to connect with your business in the channel they prefer at the moment they’re ready. Integrate Voice, SMS, Chat, Video, and Email across all your marketing, sales, and customer support touchpoints.

See you at ContentTECH Summit April 8 – 10, 2019 in San Diego!

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.